Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Rockman X DiVE – Introducing Vile and a Sneak Peek at the New Navigator Design

For our daily update today we have Vile! The infamous rival of X in the Rockman X series. Once again via the official Facebook page. We also have a sneaky first look at the new navigator design. More after the break!

First we have a look at Vile's 3D model and her small bio:

Mega Man X DiVE Developer Diary - Character File -Vile 
“Fighting is just for destroy."
First appearance in 《Mega Man X》.
Vile was in Sigma's 17th Elite Unit, and he is very strong.

Because of a short circuit in his electronic brain, he is eagerly to destroy.
Vile likes hunting in the missions, but finally he was defeated by X.

And now for the most interesting bit of today's news.

If you remember, yesterday we talked about the contest the Official Rockman X DiVE Facebook page is running to win beta test codes and three shikishi by Keisuke Mizuno. The contest consists of uploading a picture of your own Mega Man collection. Surprisingly enough, the development team uploaded a picture of their "own collection". There is nothing special about the items laid out on the table but, if you look at the top of the picture, you will notice some artwork pinned to a mirror wall.

Not only this is the first time we see full body artwork of Alia, Cinnamon and Pallette but, also almost the full body design of the new navigator. We previously saw her silhouette when the Official Website opened:

They conveniently hide her head to avoid spoiling her future reveal.  We can, however, see that  she is sporting something that looks like a skirt and white and blue are the predominant colors in her design.

Stay tuned for more updates in coming days!


  1. Replies
    1. I think they're trying to say that that's their latest appearance in the mainline games.

    2. maybe he's the X8 version of Vile, even though the art isn't?

  2. If we're going to have sneak peek leaks from the creek near Capcom Peak every day of the week, at least say "peek."

  3. Interesting look.
    If nothing else we got some cool artwork out of this game.

  4. they picked is X1 Vile design for the comparision, but still wrote x8, even though the model is based on his MHX design (which is nice in my opinion, this design is a favorite of mine). the thigh look a bit thicker in the model than in the artwork, but good model nonetheless.

  5. seems like they're going for a slightly different feel with this new navigator. with somewhat sleekers lines. seems pretty nice.

    I might be ovethinking things, but the inclusion of a Sigma figure in their pic, might be a confirmation that we'll get to fight X1 sigma in this game? We don't have much info on the game's enemies aside from some mechaniloids.

  6. I saw that and just thought it was Cinnamon

  7. Is it a coincidence that the new girl has similar colors and flourishes of the White Ultimate Armor from X Challenge, which was also a game that mashed other games together?

    1. Rather than a coincidence, i'd guess it is just a design preference of whoever handled both of thoses, but don't have a particularly deep meaning.


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