Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rockman X DiVE – "Mega Man Collections" Contest Winners Announced!

The winners of the Rockman X DiVE "Mega Man Collections" contest have been announced! If you made it into the top 200, you will be given guaranteed access to the Closed Beta Test and the chance to try one or more playable characters that won't be available for regular participants.

You can check the list of winners here. Don't forget to fill out the form if you are one of the them!

For those who didn't participate in the contest or didn't make it into the top 200, you still can apply to get one of the 30,000 randomly selected spots by going here.


  1. "Fabian"

    Holy crap! I didn't even enter this contest! Hot diggit-



  2. Yes I'm in! Thank you to the one person who thumbs up my submission. Who knew one is all I need! XD


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