Friday, August 9, 2019

Rockman X DiVE – The New Navigator Teasing Continues + X & Pallette Style Guides

For today's update via the official Facebook page, the Rockman X DiVE development team isn't introducing another playable character. Instead, they're showing us some style guides for X and Pallette. You can check those out after the break below.

Additionally, we have another small glimpse at the game's new, currently unnamed Navigator (seen above). We already had a sneak peak and now, although there isn't too much new going on here, we can see half of their body.

Mega Man X DiVE - Developer Diary - [Character Creation]
Designed by the artists team,Led by Mizuno Keisuke,The artist of Mega Man X Series.Let’s keep an eye on how they’ve been created...

More Rockman X DiVE news is sure to come every day!


  1. No way. Are they doing fusions? Would explain why they chose to use "data" as a story theme. Good peek.

  2. I'm excited but, I hope this is good so we can keep these new designs and characters.

  3. Okay, I'm DYING of curiosity now! Who is it??!! She wears a skirt like Iris, I can tell; but I don't think it's going to be her; her hair is too short. Must be an entirely NEW character?? 😒😮

  4. Why tease this of all things? Why would they think the grand bulk of Mega Man fans would be waiting on bated breath, just anxious on the tippy toes bursting with curiosity for THIS?

    Just reveal the dang robot. You'd think by the way they are treating this that she's suppose to be the new main character or something, which wouldn't surprise me because I truly believe Mega Man is on the precipice of losing its soul now that many of the key figures are gone. No I don't mean the look and sound (so far) I'm talking about the spirit that took it to X then Zero, the ones who innovated on Legends and Battle Network who crafted the individual looks, sounds and feel of these things.

    I don't mean to be negative, I just feel like I'm outta touch with whatever the devs are trying to do or direction they want to take. I know jealously is a big ol sin but man I wish Capcom had that same fire they have for their other big titles. Street Fighter V released in 2016, one character DLC for MM11 is all I ask.

    1. Megaman is'nt really a DLC type of game. it already has one of the biggest reputation for "mission pack sequels", it's better to keep it as the type of game you just buy and play, without need for updates.

      Now, yes, there's not much point in teasing a new character before reveal since by definition it is a character that we will only get attached too, AFTER playing the game (or at least after seeing her, given how fan-artists works). Strange choice, especially for a game that rely on fan-service/fandom nods like this one. They should tease about the enemies present in the game instead, like rivals and maverick bosses.

    2. Speaking of Maverick bosses, I wonder just which villains will be present in the series besides Vile? Stigma, probably, of course, but I wonder if there will be anybody else? Like Gate or Red or Lumine or Dynamo or...

    3. @Unknown, I know right? that's what i'm talking about. there are vilain that i would like to see, any new on that front would be welcome. I hope we can at least fight Gate or GodKarmachine O-Inari. And i know it's less likely, but i would love Berkana and Gareth.

    4. Yeah, that would be cool! :)

  5. Interesante personaje,aunque me parece o sera que es Rafflesian XD.

    PD= Porfavor Corner,cuando salga todo el artbook completo de Rockman XDive subelo todo porfavor.


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