Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mega Man 11 First 4 Figures Statues Revealed at Gamescom

It's been seven months since we last heard from First 4 Figures' Mega Man 11 statue. And today, we have our first actual look at the thing – err, make that things.

Not one but two sizes of the Mega Man 11 statue were on display at First 4 Figures' Gamescom booth. The smaller statue is made of PVC whereas the larger statue is made entirely of resin and features a few extra details. The former will no doubt be the lesser-expensive of the two; ideal for fans on a budget. The resin statue, if tradition holds true, could very well sport lighting effects.

At the moment there's no word of price, release date or availability. Those details should come to light in the coming months as production nears completion. We'll keep an ear to the ground.

Thanks for the pics, Jimb0!


  1. I'm normally not a fan of F4F Megaman models, but this one looks good so far.

    1. yeah, they generally make very expensive and very ugly statues.

      This one doesn't look great, but so far it looks acceptable, though we'll see with the final product.

  2. gotta see how it'll looks like once colored. and how much it will cost, too.

  3. Proportions look kinda off.


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