Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Rockman X DiVE – Introducing Marino and a Contest

Here we are again for the daily Rockman X Dive update. Via the official Facebook page, we have a sneak peak at Marino's 3D model and artwork from Rockman X DiVE. Also, they are starting a contest with a special prize! More after the break!

First we have a look at Marino's 3D model and her small bio:

Mega Man X DiVE Developer Diary - Character File -Marino 

“All I know is to protect my partner and follow my own rules."First appearance in 《Mega Man X》. Marino is a female ninja Reploid that with green hair.She is targeting to steal new information and technology.Joined X's group for saving Cinnamon from Dr. Psyche.

Second we have a contest in the Rockman X DiVE Facebook Page to win 200 download codes for the beta and also a piece of art signed by Keisuke Mizuno (you can see it below). Check all the details about the contest here.

If you'd like to see an example of a submission, I have my own entry for the contest. I'd appreciate a like, thanks!


  1. Very nice model. i'm waiting for Cinamon's announcement.

  2. I don't think they had to change the character model at all. Mark of a good design.

  3. I like that there's a beta but I hate the Contest aspect. Hope I have a shot to get a key.

  4. I need an X Dive Dynamo now, but I know he won't be playable since he was a Maverick. But still.

    1. You know Vile is going to be playable, right? Don't give up hope so quickly.

  5. No lo puedo creer mis waifus marino y cinnamon de MXCM,van a aparecer nuevamente ♥_♥ solo faltaria Nana,aunque sera dificil verla incluida ahi :O


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