Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rockman Xover Update Adds PvP, Nerfs World 5 Difficulty

Capcom updated Rockman Xover to version 1.01.00 today. Your new home screen boasts a “Battle Arena” button, replacing the friend button. Open this up, and you'll be treated to Xover's brand-new player vs player mode. Here you can fight players up to five times a day without having to worry about losing EP or PP. Leaderboards keep track of your rank; chart high enough and you'll be handsomely rewarded with Arena Coins. Breaking into the top twenty yields Rare Battle Memories.

The update also nerfs the difficulty of World 5, home to the Star Force stages. Progression is nowhere near as brutal as before, though Cancer and Andromeda still put up a quite fight.

For the complete rundown of updates and fixes, swing on by The Mega Man Network.


  1. inb4 uninformed negative comments about Xover

    Honestly, each patch and update is making the game slowly more and more enjoyable.

    I'm liking the new PvP mode, though I'd like to see it allow more Fights per day.

  2. I really wish we could get it over here in North America!

  3. TMMN makes it sound like the PVP battles are just more slap-fights. Wonderful.

    At least they fixed some bugs and gave us that nice-looking fire armour of Luka's (still not calling him OVER-1).

  4. Apparently the sprite sheet already showed a PvP frame being used which can only mean this was planned all along.

  5. @Amir: Please, kindly inform us, then. Maybe you'll be the first to successfully prove to us that it's worth playing. And by that, I mean that maybe you'll be the first to actually use gameplay as an argument instead of defaulting to "ERHMAHGERD CUSTERMERZATERN" like everyone else does.

  6. And still manages to be the lamest Rockman game to ever be officially released


    Anyways Protodude... What's the point of reporting on Xover if CoA won't localize it? :/ I understand if new worlds come out but... patches and PvP that don't add new Battle Memories are kind of pointless...

  8. @Anonymous:

    Because a great many are still able to play it. Downloading it from the App Store in mostly effortless and there's little Japanese involved to understand how to play.

  9. No doubt this appeals to more people than I expected, or else it wouldn't have lasted this long. Still, the whole concept gives me a weird Farmville vibe (on a sidenote, I haven't found any gameplay that shows it, but is it possible to get a Game Over now?).

    I'll admit, though, there are a few select pieces of music, sprites, and even icons that are very nice, and show a lot of focus and effort.
    ...It doesn't quite make up for the overall ersatz game, and for the other resources where care was undoubtedly shirked.

    I'm still trying to figure out why so many sprites feel like either direct rips from the iOS X game or just retouched resources (or I assume they are-- it would explain why Andromeda felt like an attempt at turning an isometric sprite into a faux 2D sprite). If nothing else, the resources that seem to have been exclusively focused upon were the ones which were featured in the sample pictures and advertisements-- Storm Eagle, D-Rex, and of course OVER-1.

    Still, it's an iOS game. Can't say anyone was expecting it to be the holy grail-- but if you do enjoy it, then some good came out of it.

  10. And not a single fuck was given that day.

  11. @Amir:

    "Uninformed"? Apparently, you seem to be under the impression that everyone's going by those whopping two seconds of footage in the first trailer, but far more has been shown since then. What I got from that, in a nutshell, was:

    -Rehashed content.
    -Boring, repetitive gameplay.
    -Poorly programmed turn-based battles.

    Sure, the customization features may be pretty neat, as you've pointed out before, but other than that, the game is still pretty half-assed. If you could still defend that game in any way after watching that video (or somehow being able to stomach playing it), and seeing the sheer lack of effort put into it, then more power to you.

  12. While I understand the arguments of "If you haven't played it, don't criticize it", the same can also be said as "If you haven't played it, don't praise it."

    Seriously, how many people here who praises the game have actually played it before?

    On topic, the PVP is really disappointing. Another back and forth slap fight, great. Though I suppose it's the only thing that could work considering you don't have full control over Over-1, but even still, it's not very tasteful for a PVP.


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