Thursday, February 7, 2013

Capcom Has a Plan for the Classic-to-X Series Gap. But They're Not Saying.

A considerable amount of time has passed between the classic series and Mega Man X. So much time, in fact, we've amassed two decades worth of speculation and crazy theories about what transpired. Our quest for knowledge is totally justified; after all, it's Capcom who's being coy. They've yet to unravel the mystery behind the gap, let alone the fates of the classic series cast.

Well it turns out Capcom has, more or less, some semblance on what goes on in the interim. The bad news is we won't be seeing (or hearing) about it anytime soon.


Recently, #20 of The Reploid Research Lavatory has translated portions of The Answer: a section in R20+5 where 10 representatives of Capcom and Inti Creates answer 50 burning questions from fans. Among topics discussed, the gap:

Q02: Why aren’t the robots from the original Rockman time period still around in the Rockman X time period? Especially since there are some robots with only minor changes.

CAPCOM: When you consider that state of the art mobile phones become obsolete in less than a decade, you can imagine how after 100 years you wouldn’t expect to see too many old models still remaining. There are indeed a few Metalls and Battons and such still around albeit with minor changes, so perhaps that’s because their designs are so enduring?

Q03: Has what happened in the interim between the Rockman series and the Rockman X series been decided? Or is there no canon version of what happened?

CAPCOM: Of course there is such an outline, but don’t expect an official announcement of it. Players have always enjoyed using their imaginations to come up with their own conclusions, and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them…

In other words, Capcom has a plan. They just don't intend to share it because, well, that'd take away the fun of speculation. And you know what? I'm perfectly content with that answer. I enjoy observing the classic and X series as two separate, yet related entities. I take comfort in the possibility of endless classic adventures. A definitive end is nowhere near as appealing as some make it out to be. So yeah; I like it vague.

But that's just me. Many of you guys really want to know what happened. I get that. Capcom says they won't tell all right now, but who's to say they won't turn around and change their minds? Didn't Nintendo say the exact same thing about the Zelda timeline? Look how that turned out. We now have ourselves an official (albeit debatable) timeline!

For more interesting factoids from The Answer, swing on by the Reploid Research Lavatory!


  1. Honestly, I'd rather the Classic-X gap stays vague.

  2. I'm kind of glad they won't say it straight-out, too. It can't be as cool as the theories some fans have...

    Of course, if we can get them to admit a split timeline later on in the franchise, I'd enjoy that a lot.

  3. Revealing it would be disappointing, like the timeline in Hyrule Historia.

  4. I don't mind if the classic series "ends" officially, considering how great the series endings have been in the past. But I'd rather they leave the gap alone. Some things are just not meant to be known.

  5. I like the ambiguity, too. Mostly because their "official" version probably wouldn't jive with the way I have it worked out in my head. Less is more in this case, and the guessing is one of the best things the Mega Man timeline has going for it.

    The only definitive end of any series I'm good with is the X series. Namely X5. Too bad they couldn't leave well enough alone on that one...

  6. I like it vague, too. I also like the fact that, as you stated, that the classic and X series are two separate, yet related entities. As a fan of the classic series, I am grateful to this and I do hope (though I shouldn't knowing Capcom's track record) that more games will be released and that bridge is never gapped. :)

  7. Metalls - Officially confirmed to be the Nokia of the Megaman Universe

  8. First of all, the Cataclysm Theory is not a "crazy theory" if done right. No, not bloody grimdark massacre nonsense, but done in a right way. Perhaps in an anime-ish "cliche" way, but not in the ways of gore or things of that nature.

    Now, I am very excited that they're actually taking the time to think of how to bridge it over and MAYBE that'll be the premise for the next game they produce. I for one wouldn't be opposed to it. Again, if done right. Even if it isn't the cataclysm theory, whatever it is has to be done right.

    A lot of people seem to want it vague, and that's fine I suppose, but it is bad for the series. Without the proper stitching to hold the main storyline together, Capcom can hypothetically create as many classic titles as they want, effectively going past any set time restraints, aka, when the X series begins.

    Maybe not at first, but Mega Man has become a series which now requires fleshed out details and closure in some cases. They've sprinkled story elements throughout all the games, but even still, plot holes remain and fan speculation is still commonplace. Current things are even misinterpreted at times.

    So again, whatever it is they're going to do, they need to take good care to do it properly.

  9. *of course that's not to say more Classic games shouldn't be made. Of course they should. Even if they did make a game that introduced the bridge, they could still produce other Classic titles before those events. So while I would indeed like to see the bridge, I don't mind more Classic titles being made. I'd just like something more than 8-Bit, but that's a different discussion lol...

  10. I always kind of saw the classic, x, and zero series as varied interpretations on a larger mythology. That is, every series has its own visual style and tone, but the core mythos has no "true" face.

  11. @MegaMac:

    Inafune has gone on record to dismiss the theory. Moreover, his sentiments for Super Adventure Rockman imply something that horrible cannot exist in Mega Man. Too violent.

  12. I hope the best for Megaman and Megaman X.

    If capcom wake up, it can be wonderful.

    Rockman Online was a good thing for that! :D

  13. Anonymous, I know Inafune "dismissed" the theory. But I firmly believe he didn't quite catch the full meaning of the question. It goes very deep. The question was, did Zero kill the classic cast, or something to that extent. A short, simple question. Inafune replied saying no, that's not in Zero's character. However, at the time the event would have taken place, it would most certainly be in his character to do something like that. I won't get in depth here, but the Cataclysm theory is still feasible. It does not have to be "that horrible". As I said, it can be done in a more acceptable fashion.

    We also have to remember that Keiji Inafune no longer works with Capcom. Therefore Capcom could do whatever they wanted to with it. I just hope Capcom's current outline makes sense. It may be an original outline made by Inafune, which I would one day be eager to see/hear/read.

  14. I'd rather they simply be isolated franchises. That's technically what a spin-off is.

    Fans who think iron-clad links between Classic and X are necessary simply care too much about the wrong elements of these games.

  15. To know what happened between the series, ask hologram Dr. Light, virus Wily, or Auto (X3 cameo).

    Metalls > Nokia, considering they lasted over 3 centuries, from classic to ZX series!

    And they are a nasty virus as they are still present (as EM) in the Star Force series, 200 years after Battle Network.

  16. As shown in Old Robot's (X2 subboss) profile, there is a war between 20XX and 21XX.

  17. My guess is that any official explanation is not nearly as enjoyable as what we imagine for ourselves.

  18. I imagine the true story is something none of us really considered, much like how not many people considered the game over screen of OoT to be one of the branches of the Zelda timeline until Nintendo said 'Surprise mothaf*cka!'

  19. /\ Like X6 splits into the 2 timelines below?
    -X7, X8 and Command Mission
    -Zero & ZX series

    And Battle Network-Star Force

  20. X6 shows a scene from the future, not necessary a current event at the time. So it doesn't necessarily split. Zero's ending in X7 also foreshadows the future in a way.

  21. It's cool that Capcom made an outline. But for all we know, they could be trolling us.

    And in all honesty, I like that it's an open ended question "What happened between the series?" because it leaves potentials for stories (of course if Capcom ever makes another Rockman game)

    I like crazy fun fill theories about what might have happen between series.

    So Capcom, you can keep your "outline" to yourself!

  22. I'll bite.

    Given that the Original series takes more inspiration from the kid-friendly Astroboy with touch of Casshern and Cyborg 009, the idea that a terrible event occurred between the original and X series sounds unfeasible. Inafune wanted the series to be pretty kid friendly and not as dark as the X series.

  23. I'd rather it stay vague too. Hyrule Historia's timeline was already pretty disappointing (and slightly confusing) to me, and I'd rather that not be repeated. Besides, like Samuraisnake says, the classic series is supposed to be kid-friendly, and a filling of the gap between the two might break some of that. I do like my dark MM stories and all, but I prefer classic stays carefree and cheery.

    But hey, at the rate they're going, I don't expect Capcom to ever reveal the gap. And also, with the way the answer was worded, it actually kind of sounds like they don't really have a plan to begin with. But if they don't, then I'm not complaining.

  24. No, please.

    Seriously. Please, just no.

    I like my theory about the X series taking place in an alternate timeline way too much for this to happen. :(

  25. Looking at the Zelda Timeline, Capcom could make a Classic-X universe separate to the Classic and X universe!

    Like, If Classic does an X tie-in there comes Classic-X universe; then there is the prevailing Classic where it has an indefinite 20XX.

  26. Actually, I'd like to see what happens, as long as Capcom doesn't screw it up with bad writing or so.

  27. Right now I'd much prefer Hitoshi Ariga produce an X-series manga and tie that together with his Megamix/Gigamix story.

    For the games... Capcom should stay clear of that part of the story unless they can get either Inafune or Inti Creates involved, preferably both.

  28. I'd be cool if they made a game focusing on the classic Zero only, like how his designer wanted him to be

  29. I wouldn't mind seeing what they have, it's just that the idea of something along the lines of apocalypse is absurd.

    The gap would probably be boring unless a game explained it somehow. If such a game were made, I'd rather it break away from the traditional Megaman formula and flesh out Megaman's world.

  30. I don't quite feel the equation to the Hyrule Historia. All the Hyrule Historia really did was arrange the Zelda games in a sequential order, where the series didn't have a complete one before that. The Historia doesn't contain a series of stories or even footnotes about how Hyrule transitioned between each game, and each era the timeline describes... which is pretty much were the X series's relation to the Classic series has been sitting for about 20 years.

    But there's a difference between the two franchises. Where Zelda games are pretty much islands or make it clear which games they're sequels to as they're made; Almost every X game has a callback or allusion to the Classic series. Doctors Wily and Light are at least indirectly, and can be interpreted as being directly involved in some of the games. I have no doubt much of the plot to the X series was made up as it went along, but they knocked on the ambiguity of its own origins far too much for me to ever accept the notion the series aren't supposed to be related.

    I'd be perfectly willing to entertain Capcom's rendition if there was any real effort put into presenting it. If it was just a flowchart that lines up Mega Man NES, Gameboy, and other spinoff games into the sequence they happen, and shows a linebreak between 10 and X with a note that says "Classic Cast retired X Cast created"; yeah that'd be awful.

  31. ^
    Nintendo said they would never reveal the official timeline. They changed their minds.

  32. A Megaman X game that reaches into the past would be the best way to go about linking the two.

    The Classic series is to be quite kid-friendly (yet not too childish) to have a possible harsh ending.

    I'd like for Axel to go darkside and hunt down the remains of the original Megaman, which hides secrets within himself and possible unlimited potential like X. Fueled by a voice in his head (Wily) to destroy his rival (X) and his friend, the traitor, Zero.

    I'd like for them to go back to the basics of X1-3. To me, those are the best in the series. I dig the idea of Wily making himself almost immortal by creating a virus with his thoughts and attitude a part of it giving the appearance that Wily is immortal. Maybe eventually showing his remains in his lab, still working to destroy Megaman and rule over all. Not having that the original Megaman was destroyed, but badly damaged as Zero was found to be at the beginning of the Zero series.

  33. I think people are more interested in the X-Zero series bridge. Even though we know what happened, it'd still be fun to experience it firsthand rather than through sketchy details from drama CDs.

    I agree with everyone though: Classic has an innocent charm to it, and bridging it to X couldn't be done without taking part of that away. Some things are better left unknown (e.g the two Star Wars trilogies)

  34. @February 9, 2013 at 6:56 PM Anon: Actually, why do you think they didn't explain the gaps in between each game? You'd think that anyone that bought it would understand this simple point...

    So that way any future games would be able to have an easier time slipping in between existing entries and to give us motivation to buy them as they would give insight into the lore of that time in the timeline. It's called thinking ahead, much like why Capcom refuses to fully bridge the gaps between Classic to X, X to Zero, Zero to ZX, ZX to Legends, and Battle Network to Starforce. So that way they can have an easy time slipping in any new sequels or iterations they want without any problems.


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