Friday, February 22, 2013

Captivate Will Not Be Held This Year

According to Christian Svensson, Captivate, Capcom's annual showcase of upcoming games, is not scheduled this year. "This year we're likely to be looking at announcements around other events or not at events at all," he writes. "So there isn't a Captivate planned this year."

In previous years, Captivate was home to Mega Man news and announcements. But with the event no longer happening, we can look forward to Capcom's presence at PAX and Comic-Con instead. If there are any significant announcements on the burner, these events could play host.

We'll keep an ear out.

Source: Ask Capcom


  1. No news is good news?

  2. It's not like they had anything worthwhile to show, or possibly show, to begin with. -__-

  3. @Amir:

    Captivates are used to announce the next batch of Capcom games. They would have.

  4. @Anon:

    It's like you're implying that Capcom, at it's current state, has anything good left up their sleeves to announce or show.

    Ooooh, they're gonna show another Street Fighter update! Ohhhh, look! Another Resident Evil Revelations HD trailer! What's that? More DarkStalkers Resurrection screenshots and move list clips? YIPPIE SKIPPY! And another Monster Hunter game!? MY PANTS HAVE BEEN SOILED!! (all sarcasm)

    And then at the very last second, you'll see the lights go out as they drag out a person in that Star Force Mega Man costume (since it's the only costume they have left), and magnum blast him in the head.

  5. ^
    Are you forgetting Ace Attorney 5? Sorry, but that's some actual quality stuff there.

  6. Like they're actually gonna promote and advertise AA5 outside of Japan. XDDDDDDD

  7. I don't know why but that sounded somewhat gloomy... Maybe it's just a thing from my head...

  8. They aren't doing a captivate, because they have nothing to show, Don't get your hopes up anymore guys. Keeping your ears open won't help when there's no news this year

  9. What could they possibly say?

    The latest news about RE: Revelations HD?

    Another version of MvC3?

    A Japan-exclusive Monster Hunter game?

    It's a wonder how these game companies stay in business when they never put out anything.

  10. OMG!!! My grand grand grandson came from the future and told me he already played Residen Evil 45, Street Fighter 24 with 99 indredible one-character-per-update addition, Devil May Cry Again and Again 16, but no new Mega Man games...
    He says Mega Man is just an urban legend. (All sarcasm too)

    Capcom is just stupid. Mega Man could give them epic sales. I insist, Capcom is just stupid.
    -It was my fav company. Not its just a broken slot coin machine.

  11. "Capcom, Capcom, why have you forsaken us!?" (Am I cool now?)

  12. You guys b*tching are funny. Capcom has released a crapload of MM games for the past 2 decades, a few years go by and you all are like "WTF NO MORE GAMEZ?!" Meanwhile their other properties such as DMC & RE pale in comparison of game releases to the entire MM brand. God forbid those series get a little more attention than MM has in the 20 years Capcom has been spamming game after game, right?

    Way to act spoiled, guys.

  13. /\ I don't think they are spoiled, just butthurt for 2 (3?) game cancellations, one being a sequel for a game released 10 years ago that ended with a cliffhanger, and the other a powered up version of Mega Man Powered Up. And maybe a multiplayer online crossover that is over 9000% better than xover.

  14. @2:15 PM Anon: You laugh at the other people in this thread and call them "spoiled", but keep in mind that those two decades of Megaman games were followed by Capcom committing PR suicide (no, I'm not going to detail it for you. Look it up). If not for that, I don't think people would be quite as worried.

  15. @RADIX,
    I never asked for you to "detail" anything for me, I'm well aware of the situation since it started. At this point it's gone way beyond people being "worried" to just angry fanboys that are still sour from the Legends 3 cancellation. There's over ONE HUNDRED MegaMan games in existence, and I assure you there will be more by the time you reach the ripe bold age of 40. Get over it.

  16. @February 24, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    I... had to agree with you on this one. I know some fans are upset about Legends 3's cancelzation, Universe's cancelzation, Rockman Online's death and let's not forget that horrible abomination liked by people who had bad taste in video games Xover, but I thought they would got over Legends 3's canning and go on. But I guess the rage still lives on and it's getting a bit out of hand here...

  17. I'm simply beyond caring at this point. I've lost all faith in Mega Man. Fanboys can keep defending them, the disgruntled can keep being angry, I just don't care anymore. Capcom hasn't given me a reason to care either.

  18. I really hate it when people come here to tell us folks who are upset that we're just a bunch of spoiled little fanbrats and to "Get over it." No, I will not "get over it." I believe there is so much that can be done with this franchise, but we are dealing with a company that may simply not care anymore, and that sucks!

    This was the only Capcom title that I truely cared about (I do love other games, just not Capcom games). They haven't really released anything that I feel so enthralled to actually give them a dime of my money. Hey, I maybe a casual video game player, but I'm picky about my games. :/

  19. I seem to run out of popcorn much faster these days.

    Because the link doesn't say, does anyone know what announcements were made at previous Captivates? (2012, 2011, 2010, etc.)

    Were any Megaman games ever announced at a [[Captivate]], as opposed to leaks/E3/etc.?

  20. Until I hear more about Rockman Online's YET TO BE OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED cancellation reasons, I'm not putting the blame on anyone.

    Also.... February 23, 2013 at 9:52 AM Anon you just made yourself a fool.

    We could have a confirmed international release of MH4, and potentially AAXLayton or AAI2. We could have more about Lost Planet 3. Something about a Dragon's Dogma sequel(ya Capcom wants to make it a franchise).

    Or how about their brand new game Remember Me which comes out this May.

    Or even, and I just found this out too, their Ghost n Goblins MMO. Which also happens to be a Korean exclusive but made by a different company.

  21. The last time Capcom announced any Mega Man news that I cared about at Comic Con...

    Oh, F*@#! it. You all know what I'm going to say, and no, I didn't "get over it."


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