Sunday, February 17, 2013

Amazon Lists Worlds Collide Trade Paperback

Amazon has posted a pre-order listing for the first Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog "Worlds Collide" trade paperback for a retail price of $11.99. However, it isn't due until November, so if you don't subscribe to the comic and want to remain unspoiled, you have quite the wait ahead.

If tradition holds true, this book will presumably collect the arc's first four issues: Mega Man #24, Sonic Universe #51, Sonic the Hedgehog #248, and Mega Man #25. Subsequently, we'll probably see two more trade paperbacks that collect the remaining eight issues.



  1. Interesting. So what happens to issues #20-#23, I wonder...?

  2. To be honest, I'd like it if the entire sub-story was collected in one book.


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