Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tuttle’s Legendary Travels Launches "Museum Exhibit Event"

The development team for the Mega Man Legends fan-game “Tuttle’s Legendary Travels" are launching their next community wide event. This time you'll be designing tasked with designing exhibits for a museum. Ancient treasures, miscellany knick-knacks... you know, the kind of stuff you'd see from Kattelox Island's own museum!

Entries can be submitted as either art or written descriptions. The prizes for winning include your name in the credits, your idea appearing in the game, and a physical copy of the game. To find out more, visit this thread on The Mega Man Legends Station’s forums. The contest ends on February 25th.


  1. Just pointing out a correction here: it ends February 25th, Protodude, not September.

  2. Goodness, what a mix-up. Thanks, broski.

  3. I wanna make something but I have no idea what to make xD

  4. "Physical copy of the game", wait, they're putting this fan-game on CD-roms?


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