Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rockman Xover Headed for Android, Boss Design Contest Announced

Everyone's favorite social RPG Rockman Xover is making the jump to Android, Rockman Unity announced. Due out later this year, the Android version will be compatible with OS 2.2 and higher. It's still Japan-only.

In other Xover news, Capcom and Nico Nico Seiga are giving players the opportunity to design their very own boss. The winning entry be turned into a combatable Master Boss, which yields its very own Battle Memory card. Three second place winners will have their designs turned into a Battle Memory, and twenty-one runner ups will receive a batch of limited edition cards.

The contest is pretty much open to anyone with a Nico Nico Douga account. You may sign up for it here. Everything's in Japanese so do take advantage of Google Translate to get you through the forms. There's no limit to how many entries you may submit nor the image's dimensions. However, the file size must be 10MB (JPEG, GIF or PNG format).

The results will be posted in May following the unveiling of the nominations in mid-April

Source: Rockman Unity (translation credit: The Mega Man Network)


  1. The hard part is submitting a file that is exactly 10MB. Is it cheating if we get it as close as possible then add dummy ancillary data?

  2. Wowit'sfuckingnothing.jpg

  3. It seems like a waste to have people make a whole new boss for something that will get all of four sprites max and won't even move.

  4. I'm sad that this game is jumping platforms, but not languages.

  5. @Cucumber
    "I'm sad that this game is jumping platforms, but not languages."

    I'm sad that there is no in-game platform-jumping. *rimshot*

  6. "It's still Japan-only."

    And it should stay that way.

  7. Haha, Captain, you beat me to it :D

  8. Really hope this comes here, Over-1's design is rad & I like how heavy "X" Art Styled it is ^_^
    I mean, I own RockBoard & MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge & those games are boring/horrible. So, I'd take Xover :/

  9. yay! the first mega man game release I can experience >_<. well, in Japanese but still =)

  10. "I'm sad that this game is jumping platforms, but not languages."

    I'm sad that this trash even exists in the first place.

  11. 10MB? 1KB is too much for this.
    I pity however wins the contest.

    Over-1's design is rad indeed, but I think its heavy X Art Styled is only due to it being an edit of the iOS MMX.

  12. You take back what you said about RockBoard!

  13. Wait, wait, wait...

    So they can make an Android port of Xover, but they can't translate and release it in western countries?
    Oh well, judging by the amount of sales previous titles such as MMSF3 and ZXA have had probably for the best, since no-one would play it because they're too fixated on bitching about why we don't have "quality" games anymore and shooting down Capcom for trying to keep the fandom happy by releasing games like Xover and SFxMM.

  14. I'm sad every time there's even a mention of the game's existence the haters all come out and act like Capcom kicked a puppy while strangling a kitten.

    I'm sure someone will post the .apk and Android users will side load it. I will probably give it a play just to try it out.

  15. And not a single f*ck was given that day

  16. "I'm sure someone will post the .apk and Android users will side load it."
    Side load? I own an android device and I've installed plenty of APKs and I've never had to Side Load anything.

    "So they can make an Android port of Xover, but they can't translate and release it in western countries?"
    The programming of this thing isn't as, or much more, complicated than a GB Megaman game. While translations require the hiring of people, even more if there is voice acting involved. Then there is the considerations for if the online components are region locked.

  17. @kobun37: Maybe kicking cats and dogs is the reason MML3 was canned?
    Censoring must be so strict Capcom now can only release low quality games like Xover! When the suggestion to kick Bon Bonne's head appeared, a Top Man thought the project should stop.
    Oh wait, nevermind, that's the same company from Resident Evil and Dead Rising, and Mega Man is 25...

    But seriously, the sprites are of the same quality from the DOS games. Next World should include Dyna Man, Shark Man, Konro Man, and Gemini.

  18. @ Rockman

    Do you even know what side loading means?

    Considering the Play Store is region locked, if Capcom chooses to make Xover Japanese exclusive (which they probably will considering the backlash hissy fit) the only way to install it without side loading is through a VPN to a server in Japan. Even if you get that working, there's the problem of adding a credit card (some free apps require it for in-game purchases) because it won't accept foreign cards.

    So yeah, you want to install it on your Android device you'll probably need to side load.

  19. "In terms of Android devices, Sideloading typically means installing an application package onto an Android device that was not downloaded directly from Google Play."

    So, "side loading" means installing an application. Unless your cell provider/device manufacturer is a dick, all Android phones and tablets allow for the installation of APKs.


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