Saturday, February 23, 2013

8-bit Mega Man Tunes Get SNESed

What if Mega Man 1-4 were released on the Super Nintendo? Well, the music might be right up Mega Man 7's alley. Capcom Unity member Rebecca took it upon herself to remix these classic 8-bit tunes into MM7 style. And as a MM7 fan myself, I simple can't help but tap a finger to the beat!

Swing on by Rebecca's YouTube channel for the complete playlist.

Credit: Capcom Unity


  1. Gah! Those sounds! Screeching in my ears!

    It sounds like she took MIDIs of the MM1-4 songs and ran them through the MM7 soundfont without a care for how grating the final product would be.

    Give this one a pass. There are better SNES Megaman remixes out there than these.

  2. I honestly really like MM7 sound font. I think it makes these songs much better.

  3. Cyber guy needs to clean up his ears!
    The remixes sounds great! SNES sounds are nostalgic!

  4. Sorry, but I gotta agree with Cyberguy here (to an extent). They're not TERRIBLE persay, but it just feels like they were all run through an assembly line. None of them feel like they adapt well to the MM7 soundfont. Of course, that doesn't mean a few of them didn't come out well (I like the way Top Man and Dive Man came out, for example), but the bulk of them just don't sound very good.

  5. @Cyberguy you guys are just arrogant and ignorant, I didnt throw in Midi samples in a blink of an eye and not care, I could careless, what your opinions are, as long as there is huge number of people that enjoy my remakes, that is all that matters.

    I appreciate all your efforts for taking the time to complain, have a nice day ^_^

  6. I recently started making music 4 weeks ago using fl studios, when I created these songs I used the midis as a guide, however I spent countless hours trying to make sure they come out exactly right and not identical to the midi, I'm not the only music composer that uses Midis as a guide to make awesome music, there are a lot of SNES remixers on youtube that do the same.
    When I make Megaman remake songs, they sound nostalgic, that alone makes my remakes so much enjoyable, most of the SNES Megaman remixes that CyberGuy mentioned sounded amazing however they were not nostalgic, when we listen to a Megaman theme we are looking for a certain part in the song that is memorable from the original theme, when I made these Megaman themes they match the original song and not to change parts in the song. Dont get me wrong I respect and love every SNES Megaman remixes on the net made by others.
    Not bad for being a beginner at making music and I am getting so many positive responses from a huge number of people that are real Megaman fans, so what if a couple of people dislike my themes as long as the Megaman fans including myself are happy, that is all that matters ^_^

  7. @PrincessLunaZelda Huge numbers of people like Twilight too. Does that mean that it's any good?

    Nobody is above critisism, and if you learn to learn from it instead of going "OMG, you just suck and I've got plenty of fans and that means it's good, so shut up!" Then you'll improve your art, instead of making loads of work that ranges from medeocre to painful.

    Also, I resent being called arrogant when you're hypocritical enough to come in here and blast my opinion like you're some untouchable artist. (Also also, you obviously don't care less about my opinion since you took the time to come to Protodude's blog post and dress me down personally.)

  8. Not bad for a beginner doesn't equal good. These are painful to listen to because they overuse screechy instruments, high pitches, and you just admitted that they're based off MIDIs. I'm a big fan of MIDIs and listen to VGMusic files all the time. I can literally hear the exact same pitches and beats in your songs that were in the original files. If you changed anything beyond the instruments, it wasn't much.

    It doesn't matter that your just starting, it doesn't excuse poor quality. It explains it, and it justifies it, but it doesn't make it good or worth listening to.

    Now, I know this is pretty harsh, but I want to finish by saying that I can see that you put a lot of work and effort into this project. If you keep practicing, experimenting, (And learn to take critique,) you could make great remixes one day.

  9. I gotta agree with Cyberguy and more specifically TAG. Some sound decent enough, but some just feel out of place. As we've seen from the Robot Museum stage, it's more than possible to take this music and use it in MM7's sound font. It's nice to see your interested in bringing another take on this music and with work you can do something good with this.

    As for PrincessLunaZelda, whether or not you agree with Cyberguy it is entirely uncalled for to insult him just because he has an opinion you don't like. It especially churns my stomach for you to insinuate that he is not a "true" Mega Man fan because of his opinion.

    Cyberguy also makes a very good point on criticism. By nature an artist needs to be able to accept criticism, even if they don't agree with it. Demeaning them as a person only cheapens you as an artist and reflects badly on your work.

  10. @CyberGuy just face you're just an arrogant little kid who doesn't realize good music, I may not be the best at making music since Im a beginner but I certainly know how to attract fans attention that believe I did an amazing job, so why don't you shut up and go somewhere else where people actually care about your lame opinion because nobody cares,and if you ask me you're the thing on this network who is painful not my music, ^_^ but trust me son this isn't my full potential because once I complete every theme of Megaman 1 through 10, I will eventually improve them. By the way most of the people on youtube that were above criticism said I did a fantastic job, i just need to "fix the pitch a little" I dont know why you hate them so much, and to go into so much detail just to try and prove a point,it gave me the impression that you don't have much time on your hand its a fact that you don't have anything better to do with your time than to complain about other peoples achievements, that is the sad part, oh well making 1 person unhappy doesn't really make a difference does it? so I will just have to........ ahem...move onto the next song and just ignore the dead weight that is standing in my way(thats you)

  11. @Cyber Guy I hear the exact same midi pitches in Legend Of Renegades Genesis remixes but at least he is a genius at making music and improving them, and at least he speaks highly of my remakes and believes I'm getting better at making music.
    I'll tell you one thing, I am really impressed, I never thought there existed a person that studied every midi on LOL

  12. "When I make Megaman remake songs, they sound nostalgic, that alone makes my remakes so much enjoyable".
    Please don't tell us what we find enjoyable.
    "I am getting so many positive responses from a huge number of people that are real Megaman fans".
    Why would other people's opinions change ours? Also, good job insulting the person by implying they aren't a "real" Megaman fan.

    In comparison, your work is much better than the person who did the Wild Arms "SNES" remixes. Now, those were horrible midi songs.

    I'd give these about a 6 or 7 out of 10. They use the right soundfont, but they lack soul.

    PS: Insulting your critics will not make them enjoy your work more. Some people will be stricter or just not like your artistic efforts. Get over it and get better. Or don't get better; it's your choice, but simply insulting them or citing what other people think in no way invalidates their opinion or makes your work an more enjoyable to them.

  13. I understand where he is coming from i take criticism well, however being a beginner in making music like this deserves some credit, but to say I "took MIDIs and ran them through MM7 soundfonts without a care for how grating the final product would be" is considered an insult to my ability as an artist that is his opinion, but this however isn't my full potential because I am still progressing every theme, the question is what can you guys do to help support a big project like this, of course it is easy for you guys to judge others base on their lack of performance but what can you do to help out a fellow megaman fan, although I am not asking.
    In the meantime I will continue to progress and hopefully get you guys interested in my work, however the choice is yours ^^

  14. @PrincessLunaZelda

    I am afraid I am going to have to agree with the rest of your critics. These are definitely not bad, but I cannot say they sound anything SNES-like. They do remind me an awful lot of something I would here on VGMusic, which is not something I look for in a SNES-style remix. Please don't take this as an attack but as a way to improve your craft. :)

  15. @E. Leona Castillero I understand the reason they don't sound anything like SNES style is because I didn't apply reverbs which is found in a lot of SNES songs, I'm not mad, I just need to improve them, I plan on improving the themes so that they sound 100% like SNES, I just need to mess around with the effects.
    Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  16. "you're just an arrogant little kid who doesn't realize good music".
    Insulting people and attacking someone's opinion. Good job.
    "I certainly know how to attract fans attention that believe I did an amazing job".
    Even Dragon Ball GT had its fans.
    "This isn't my full potential"
    I hope not, but until you get there, you are still here.
    "By the way most of the people on youtube that were above criticism said I did a fantastic job"
    The people who don't give negative feedback thought you did a good job? You don't say...

    "i take criticism well"
    I disagree.

  17. I swear, some people's ears just don't work right. I've personally listened to a majority of the remixes and they sound great. I really don't get how you claim they're screechy and things like that. I am actually really hooked on the MM3 remixes. Shadow Man and Snake Man are a couple great examples. A couple examples that do MM7's style and instrumentation justice. Maybe not 100%, but does it matter?

    I don't agree with these "critics". Although it's not surprising as there are quite a few people who post here that are extremely picky. With almost everything. So having that being said, you don't have to explain anything to them and you don't need to try to please them. It'll simply do no good. You have your fans and more to come.

    Being able to make these great works in FL Studio in only a few weeks is actually pretty incredible. I'm rather musically inclined myself, but FL Studio still boggles me. I think the use of the MM7 synths are very well executed and with little touches taken here and there, the classic tunes have a new life breathed into them.

    I also have to pick you out personally, Cyberguy. You're a piece of work. Later on in the posts above you defend yourself and your right to criticism saying she should learn from it when, in fact, you didn't say anything constructive at all. The very first post is you acting like a rude smart ass. So sure, after that mess, I'm sure she felt compelled to explain herself, and yes, you were very arrogant. Even more so that you try to contest your own actions lol...

    So yeah. Opinions. Everyone has them, but there's really no explanation anyone can give to justify the misuse of opinions and how they're presented.

  18. I think Cyberguy said it best. Don't get me wrong... this is neat and all. But it's also clearly very lazy.

    Out of curiosity, I listened to her take on the Rockman 2 title theme. I was really disappointed. I then took a minute to dig up my own version of the Rockman 2 title theme done with Rockman 7 samples. ... mine's a lot better, but a fair bit louder. XD But I digress.

    This is neat, but it could be a lot better. :3

  19. Took a quick listen to the MM2 Title/Intro mix. Haven't listened to all of MM2 yet. So, in all fairness, the tune's intro needed some more work with the instrumentation to sound right, but after that, it sounds alright.

    I also believe the screechy sounds are due to MM7's guitar sound and the certain sound that's heard in the capsule stage of Wily Castle. They're naturally the way they are. Although I do believe the use of them are mostly well done. I'm in favor of MM3's soundtrack so far.

    Even if they are MIDI's put through the paces, there's still a musical ear needed to adapt the new sounds to them properly. So some songs are going to be better than others.

  20. @Joseph Collins I would like to say by calling me lazy proves just how ignorant you really are. I appreciate you saying they're neat, but who is at fault here?
    "I then took a minute to dig up my own version of the Rockman 2 title theme done with Rockman 7 samples. ... mine's a lot better, but a fair bit louder." sounds like someone with an ego problem, why don't you show us your version of the MM2 title them, if there is one thing I learned about the online community is that some people can talk the good talk and it is easy to brag about their own creations and compare it to someone else but can they back it up? probably about 60- 70% of those individuals can not deliver because they're too caught up in themselves.
    If there is one thing I know about myself and that is: I don't brag about my creative work rather it is drawing, making music, or playing sports.

  21. "who is at fault here?"
    As the creator of the content, you are.

    "sounds like someone with an ego problem"
    The pot calling the kettle black.

    "I don't brag about my creative work"
    Almost every post here is you bragging about how good you are.

    Spellcheck is not always your friend.

  22. As much as I like a lot of your mixes, Rebecca, you're really not helping your case. lol

    I believe Joseph has been in the MIDI/Music making scene for well over a decade. I also believe he sequences them from scratch. So if there's anyone here to take critique from, he would probably be the one.

    That is, if you create from scratch. I do have to say, some of your mixes sound better than others, but that's okay. Nowhere to go but up, right?

  23. @rockman says the person who keeps repeating my quotes trying to get a point across, but fails to do so, and the fact that the person has nothing good to say, it is very sad that you had to correct a single spelling error during a conversation which is clearly off topic "rather" if you want I can continue to post more words for you to correct if it makes you a superior person.
    By the way when I quoted "When I make Megaman remake songs, they sound nostalgic, that alone makes my remakes so much enjoyable." that was quoted in my inbox by different people, since when do I control what others say anyway? its clearly their opinion not mine, and I don't brag. You need to calm down.

  24. @MegaMac I understand, he has been making music for a very long time, but I really don't appreciate being called lazy, its a sign of disrespect to the artist at work. Just saying =o

  25. @PrincessLunaZelda
    Oooookay. I wasn't going to link this, but since you specifically asked, I shall:

    I'm too lazy to grab the original S3M file, so this is a tiny bit lower quality than normal, but you get the idea.

    Also, I think a lot of my music is bullocks. I thought most of the Mega Man's Christmas Carol work I did was pretty bad, for example. But people keep telling me I did a great job... And I mean people I don't even know. Hell, even Sven from Capcom Unity borrowed a couple tunes for this montage video. So, I guess I must be doing something right...

  26. @Joseph Collins I owe you an apology, I wasn't trying to say that I am better than you, I just don't appreciate calling my themes lazy, and yes some of my songs need to be worked a little more, when I have the time =3 college is usually in the way.
    But if you could make a better version of the MM2 title music I would like to hear it. ^_^

  27. @Joseph Collins I heard your remix just now, it actually sounded alright, the instruments you choose for it were good, but to be honest with you, it didn't excite me, but don't get me wrong I'm not just saying it to benefit my own work.
    If you have a you tube channel you should post it, it is a pretty interesting remix.
    If only I can get my themes to sound like SNES quality =o

  28. @Joseph Collins and believe me you are talented ^_^

  29. "I don't brag".

    "I really don't appreciate being called lazy"
    I don't think he criticized your music for your appreciation.

    "its a sign of disrespect to the artist at work"
    I think it's a little more than a sign. You have to earn artistic respect. You don't just assume it's owed and get offended when someone doesn't give it to you.

  30. @rockman
    You never cease to amaze me, listen my friend, is there any evidence that I'm bragging? If that is what you believe it is clearly fine with me, I did not come to this blog to brag about my work, although I was curious to see why I was getting so many subscribers and views, I didn't ask for this to be posted on this blog, however, I really appreciate the support, thank you Protodude =) I was also curious to see what the diehard fans had to say about these songs and I predicted it, it doesn't make a difference, I really don't care if a couple of them do not show me respect, we live in a world of disrespect and cruelty, I'm used to it, however it doesn't mean that they're always right, and it also doesn't mean that they're any more superior than everybody else, I actually like the criticism, it makes me a better person(when I hear honest criticism(although I should have admitted this earlier) It makes me want to try a lot harder, its okay to express it towards me, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

    I will also admit, I was a little lazy with some of the songs, but the question is, is it really hurting everybody else? as long as people are happy with the result it is fine with me, however it doesn't mean I'm going to leave it incomplete. ^.^