Monday, February 18, 2013

Maverick Hunter X Free on PlayStation Plus

Here's some pleasant news to brighten those Monday blues. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X will be free for PlayStation Plus members following tomorrow's PSN Tuesday update. The game is compatible with PlayStation Vita, PSP, and PSP Go.

As per usual, this is a limited-time-only deal. Once downloaded, any free PlayStation Plus game can be redeemed at any time as long you're subscribed.

If you've yet to play MHX, now's as good a time as any!

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Free ? It is not! I have to pay member to get it for free. Nonsense. Thanks for the news, Rockman Corner but Capcom of USA, no thanks to you. Sorry!

  2. @Anon 1:

    You do know that it's Sony of America that decides what gets posted up for PS Plus services and what doesn't, right?

    If anything, your "no thanks to you" is towards Sony, since they're the ones who decided that Maverick Hunter X gets put up for free this week (and until the next 30 days) for PS Plus.

    And in all honesty, if you're getting that rustled over a service like PS Plus offering a multitude of somewhat free things (total up the costs it would be to get the "free" content in regular price more than makes up for the one-time $50 a year cost you spent), then it's obvious that you don't really know how to use your money.

    Maybe when your allowance is only $20 a week or month, this sounds like a crazy thing. But to us normal folks with jobs, bills, a life, etc., this is chump change.

    Then again, you're an Anon, so you just want an excuse to bitch about something but don't want to take the extra 2 seconds to put a username up for yourself.

  3. Free on Playstation Plus implies that you have to have an active Playstation Plus account.

    How hard is that to understand? PS+ even tells you that every time you download the free game of the week.

  4. If only it were playable on the PS3...

  5. This is cool. I got a vita and didn't really wanna buy this game a third time.

  6. Fantasy Empress RolinaFebruary 19, 2013 at 4:08 AM

    Dunno if you realize this, but PS+ is WORTH the price, considering how much crazy discounts and free stuff you get. The only reason I don't have it is because I'm running out of harddrive space, and totally wouldn't be able to take advantage of it.

    Also... Anon guy? Stop whining at Capcom for stuff that's Sony's call. It's not like capcom can just call them up and go "Oh hey, can you make this game free or like, cut the price and stuff for me? Coolio, see ya" or anything like that.

    Honestly, the ignorance some people have of this industry really irritates me at times...

  7. "Free on PS+" is a trap guys, don't do iiiit :O

  8. @Amir,

    I am older than you think. My language is two. English and Portuguese.

    That's all. I just dont agreed with what Sony should offer but good for people who wants it. Nothing's wrong with my express. Please listen and respect my opinion and not argument or throw too harsh to me, ok ? :)


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