Thursday, February 14, 2013

More D-Arts Bass Photos And a Sigma Update

Been wanting to see even more of Bandai's D-Arts Bass? Toy and collectible site Tomopop has a very fine batch of photos straight from Toy Fair 2013. Click the link to check him out.

Additionally, Tomopop got to speak with a Bandai representative about the D-Arts line in general. Among topics discussed, the currents status of the proposed Sigma figure. Tomopop writes: "Also, you may be wondering what happened to D-Arts Sigma. He wasn’t forgotten about, but there is some trouble in engineering land as the joints pose a problem given his size. He’s not forgotten, but expect him to be released as a D-Arts Zero."

The "as a D-Arts Zero" tidbit is a little sketchy. But it almost sounds like Bandai is looking into making Sigma a lot smaller, to scale with D-Arts Zero. EDIT: Pointed out by a few of you, the representative might have been alluding to the Figuarts ZERO line of statues. If true, we can expect a fairly large, albeit unarticulated, Sigma.

In any case, I've contacted our Bandai source for clarification.

Source: Tomopop (via TMMN)


  1. D arts Zeros are zero joint figurines aka statues.

  2. He might've meant figure arts zero, which is a very articulated line.

  3. Nope, Figuarts Zero is a line of figures that are basically statues, they're really rather immobile figures. If he's turning into a Figuarts Zero, we're getting a Sigma statue and not a highly posable figure.

  4. Where is D-ARTS Volnutt? He won the poll, if I recall correctly.

  5. ^
    Bandai claimed he took the top spot because of ballot stuffing. It wasn't fair.

  6. ^
    They then said that they where talking about the process in general, but I don't really trust them


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