Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More D-Arts Bass Images For Your Viewing Pleasure (Updated)

Up for some smashing photos of D-Arts Bass (and his faithful canine Treble)? Look no further than Rockman Unity. Ucchy-san has just unloaded a batch of new images of the new figure. Head on over there now and have a look!

Bass will be releasing in Japan on June, at a suggested retail price of 3990 Yen (about $45 US) exclusively through Premium Bandai and e-Capcom. Still no word on the North American release, but we should be hearing something any day now.

UPDATE: Bluefin Tamashii Nations has confirmed the figure for North America (that was fast!). It's due in June/July for $43.99.


  1. Looks so much better than the initial mold.

  2. So badass! Man Bandai knows how to make figures! Finally an hq Forte figure!

  3. God damn it, not another online exclusive... >__>

  4. Just preordered mine from BBTS!

  5. That D-arts Bass is badass!


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