Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The 24-Hour Mega Man Marathon is This Weekend

This weekend, Saturday, February 16th, Storm Unity proudly presents their 24-hour Mega Man Marathon for Child’s Play Charity. They will play through all ten mainline classic Mega Man games with special guest interviews sprinkled throughout.

Oh, and what's a good stream without prizes? There's those too. Beadsprites, t-shirts, a custom figure from the talented KodyKoala, and more! For more information on the marathon, its contributors, and how to donate, be sure to visit their website. Good luck to all the participants!

Thanks to SteveSayMighty for the tip.


  1. I'm wondering if anyone will cover the X games in the future? It seems that everyone's just doing Classic. What about Legends, Zero, EXE? There's gotta be some love out there for the other series.

  2. They did do they x series before..i think.

  3. EXE I think would take a bit too long for a marathon, and Legends doesn't really have enough titles to prolong it enough... At least in my opinion. Zero could work I guess.

  4. ...wait, if they are just doing the classic series, why is the sprite modified into X?

  5. Hey guys Steve here we're planning on eventually doing an X series stream later on in the year stay tuned!


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