Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unseen Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version Footage Surfaces

100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 translated some nice Prototype Version gameplay, and I just wanted to give it a proper display here for those who might not have seen it.

Speculation says the footage was purposely withheld from the North American Devroom to "allegedly sabotage the project's awareness." I'm not convinced that's the case, but nevertheless here it is for your viewing pleasure (hit the 'CC' button for subtitles):

Generally, we've seen this stuff before... but it is sprinkled with some new stuff like can-kicking action!

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  1. I think the "speculation" is full of shit, and is just butthurt fanbrats making up crap again.

  2. This makes me sad :(

  3. This? I got all excited when I saw the post title. I swear everyone knew about this though. I _know_ I've seen it. I think I even read about it here.. Ah well.

    "Speculation says the footage was purposely withheld from the North American Devroom to "allegedly sabotage the project's awareness.""

    What a bunch of paranoid nutjobs..


    Seriously, stop that people.

  5. These guys are... so clueless... they didn't know Mega Man Legends 3 was made by us fans.

    I feel bad for them because they're... forgive me if I say that...

    ...they're stupid.

  6. #4 Anonymous,

    I dont think that they are stupid. They are just drama and maybe they knew but they are like that because of television director pay them. I think that they are just pretend to be like that.

  7. theyre obviously just trying to be funny... the video was made by capcom... game looks amazing though too bad it never got a chance

  8. "I dont think that they are stupid. They are just drama and maybe they knew but they are like that because of television director pay them. I think that they are just pretend to be like that."


  9. Break out the tinfoil hats anytime anything comes from this group anymore.

    "Fans" in the Capcom Devroom contributed only concept art and designs to MML3, they did zero programming or design of the *actual game*. Honestly, the paranoid people in the 100,000 Strong group have devolved to the point that they're convinced they *made* the game somehow, instead of Capcom. (Nor, contrary to their delusions, does a "finished" copy of the game nor prototype exist anywhere on any "fan's" hard drive somewhere.)

    Last night they posted a posting gloating over how Capcom's Better Business rating had been downgraded. They've since quietly removed it after controversy, but it just pointed out how bitter & vindictive their entitled people have become.

    Honestly, at this point, just... it's nice to talk about what might have been, but just... just let it go.

    Some people I know recently un-like'd them, seeing what they've become, and they posted "Who's the moron who unliked this!", after seeing their count decrease by one or two. Yeesh.

  10. @MM Model Q
    How do you explain this video being omitted from the American Devroom? Capcom hired a Japanese fluent employee in Gregaman. His job was to support the Devroom. Why wasn't this video spread outside of Japan? Why did Capcom make all the Legends fans worry about Devroom numbers while not using their facebook page to help us when the game was in development?

  11. Yeah, I've definitely seen this before. People who think this was hidden in order to "sabotage" the project needs to get their heads out of the clouds.

  12. @Anonymous #7: That comment is wrong on so many levels. No one thinks the fans did more to make the game than Capcom. Nor does anyone think the fans contributed more than "concept art and designs" to the game. And yes, it is widely believed the prototype is complete (there has been plenty of evidence to support this) but no one thinks a finished copy of the game is locked away somewhere, as that would require an actual finished copy of the game to have been made. It obviously wasn't.

    And, as for people unliking the page. 100,000 strong has never made a post saying "Who's the moron who unliked this?". I think you are confusing random people who like the page with the people who actually run the page.

    And I still don't understand how people are being "entitled" for trying to get a game uncancelled.

  13. @anonymous
    If you check Capcom's dev room recruitment trailer they specifically used the devroom number as the number of developers. I believe the video said something to the effect "6500 developers and counting".Artist are a crucial part of the games development and they are game developers. Sure the fans didn't code the game but it's not cool to downplay their significance.

    The prototype is indeed playable as evidenced by the video and the game was certified by the ESRB/CERO.whether it's complete is unknown. There is no data to suggest that it is or ISNT complete.

    While I don't agree with the whole sabotage idea I don't believe that Capcom put their best foot forward with promoting the game. They never bothered to translate this footage, the nico nico footage, they didn't let us participate in the voice actors event,and they did not use their media leverage in order to get the devroom the coverage it desperately need.maybe it has something to do with that whole "mega man isn't popular in America"idea that Capcom Japan has.

    As a gamer I truly do believe the Capcom deserves its Better Business Bureau downgrade .
    Capcom has been pulling a lot of underhanded business tactics for long time and it's about someone it's about (cancellation or not) time that someone besides gamers recognize it.

    I think that a lot of people have forgotten what the word entitlement means and are just throwing it around because it's the new buzzword

  14. @JakeHans If Capcom America really wanted to sabotage the MegaMan Legends 3 Project, I think they would've withheld a lot more than one trailer. The Prototype Edition was otherwise very well hyped, documented and represented on the pan-western Devroom.

    I'm really surprised so many people haven't seen this. I remember seeing it over in a thread at MegaMan Legends Station. A quick glance at the Devroom forums shows fans' discussing it when it was first released (but admittedly no official posting). Lots of people knew about it. But I can't find a single news site that posted it-- official sites or fan sites. How peculiar.

  15. Hey guys,

    I can confirm that this video's omission wasn't an attempt to "sabotage". . . something. What? It's the internet. When it's out, it's out.

    The video's omission was requested due to Tokyo 03 (the comedians)'s contractual restrictions. Their contract didn't allow the video to be posted officially on the Western site. A bit of gameplay from this same segment of the game was included in the US trailer for the Prototype, though it was just a short bit.

    The hope was to make our own video featuring gameplay from that same part, but then, well, you all know what happened then. =<


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