Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project X Zone Site Opens With X and Zero Voice Samples

The official Project X Zone website went live earlier today. Content-wise... well, there still isn't too much to do. However, the "Entry Title" section contains some voice samples of the game's characters including X and Zero (get a load of that artwork!).

X and Zero are being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai and Ryotaro Okiayu, respectively. Sakurai provided the voice of X in Rockman X8, Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X. Okiayu has played Zero for well over fifteen years starting with Rockman X4. So, yeah; hurray veteran voice actors!

Really, not much else to say about PXZ right now. We're still waiting on that trailer, supposedly due out later this month. Fingers crossed for some nice X and Zero action!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


  1. As with X, not quite right in terms of the lines of art.

    But that use of color, they emulated the oddities of the X4 artwork perfectly.

  2. I really wish this would stop being news. Why get everyone's hopes up when it's not getting localized? It would be better to just forget about it.

  3. I really hope protodude doesn't listen to this turian dude, not everyone who reads this site is from the United States, any rockman news is news.

  4. Not to worry; I'll continue to provide "relevant" PXZ news.

    As anon has pointed out, the blog attracts a global audience. I get a decent amount of hits from Japan (such as our friend CapKobun).

  5. As far as I know, Mega Man is a global phenomenon. Any MM news is valid, especially if we're talking about a game. Even if we don't get to play it it'll mean love for the franchise. If anything, we need MORE exposure.

  6. I'm trying so hard to care about this game. I really am...

  7. Well, Dr. Wily being in the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph movie will certainly help with the increased exposure part.
    Frankly, even if it's just Wily for that glimpse and nothing more, I'm glad that at least Classic Megaman is being put up there with the greats, as it deserves.

  8. Wonderful to see that X and Zero are both getting some attention in this new game! I'm looking forward to following its progress, even if we may not get to play it.

    And I LOVE that art style of X and Zero! Absolutely love it. I almost fainted at the sight...! :D

    ::looks at the Zero art again in mid-sentence, and then faints::


  9. I can't translate it. My abstracted understanding of X is "To destroy Irregulars.. that is my [purpose/end]", and my understanding of Zero is something along the lines of [gladly] being the A class Hunter.

    The art is great. Let's see if it comes to the US at all.

  10. I hope they get wallpapers or something up soon.


  11. Well, I am not exciting this time. I just wish that they bring megaman classic and X series back and continue from there. Sighing.

  12. Well, I am not exciting this time. I just wish that they bring megaman classic and X series back and continue from there. Sighing.


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