Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rockman EXE 4.5 Translation Project Announced

Splendid news, Battle Network fans....

A Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation English translation patch is coming your way! Professor 9 has officially lifted the veil on the project via the Rockman EXE Zone:

"Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation is the only Mega Man Battle Network on the GBA that's still off-limits to English players. There was already a pretty cool partial translation patch by Spikeman, but I wanted the whole game in English. So I set out to make a translation patch on my own. This is the result!

I decided to hold off on announcing the patch until all the menus and other important things were translated, seeing as they were things I could do on my own or with help from a few friends, but the story is an entirely different story."-- Prof. 9

Currently, the patch does not have a release date. It'll be finished when it's finished, so to speak. In the meantime, you can download a preliminary version with some translated text here. The prof has most of the technical and graphical details nailed down, but he could use a hand or two from fans willing to translate and sift through dialog strings. The more people involved, the faster we can pump the complete patch out.

Those interested can find the full projects details here. Patch progress updates will be regularly made on Prof. 9's Twitter account here. Look forward to it!


  1. Any chance that there would be a patch for those of us that would be able to load this game onto a GBA card to actually use the BCG with it?

  2. I have finished already the game with the GBSP and the gate but it's an AWESOOOOOOOOME news !!! Because this game is underrated and im pretty sure, the players who will play this game will love it because this game is really fun to play with the 21 NETNAVIS!

    GOOD JOB ! It's my best EXE game ever!

  3. "Edit your chip folder before I choke you!.

  4. Woohoo! I really hope this gets finished.

  5. Actually, a download link is on already Trez. It's incomplete, but from my understanding, it has all the menus translated.

  6. And I actually knew about this for a while. But since it wasn't announced I couldn't talk about it.

    Anyway, pretty cool stuff, Prof. 9.

  7. There is a reason this game and Operation Shooting Star Rockman were not released in english-they were so terrible it was not worth the localization.

    But..I guess there are some people in the world that does care and want to play it,so whatever

  8. Very good. Iam not crazy about Rockman EXE series but I will collect this translation just to add to the library. Keep up the good work.

  9. Holy crap! I'm excited by this project! This particular game had the best soundtrack, since most of the music was remixed from the classic series. X3 Granted, most of us won't be able to play it as intended, with the external device and whatnot, but hey! It's still playable. :D

  10. Yes! Although if I remember correctly, there was a problem when playing it via computer and it had to do with the clock not advancing.

  11. Fina-friggin-ly!! I have been waiting on this forever!

  12. A 4.5 translation, the Robot Master guide finally being released, all the various movements and fangames...

    My god, everyone except Capcom is doing a ton of stuff for the 25th anniversary.

    It just goes to show. It is not the company responsible for keeping the character alive, but it's fans.

  13. Didn't people try doing a translation of this game before, like 3 times in the past?

    Call me pessimistic, but I'm kind of still on the "might not happen" side after seeing nearly every translation team besides the Love Plus team, starting a translation and then quietly dropping it 5 months later.

    Then letting everyone know it got canned, 10 months later.

  14. @Amir: Prof isn't one to easily give up though. The man while go through till the end, and has lately been the only one to make major breakthroughs in the BN hacking scene. He'll get the job done.

  15. @ April 6, 2012 3:51 AM Anon:

    Well, OSS... *shrugs*

    4.5's issues were likely another thing entirely.

    It encouraged the use of some external devices in normal gameplay, external devices that Capcom never saw the need to market overseas. Probably because the E-reader (anyone remember that?) bombed hard here, so anything similar would have likely followed suit.

    EXE 5 and 6 had the same type of thing, except it wasn't so major that both games could not make it across. In those cases, Capcom could just delete/ignore everything that had to do with the external devices in those games, as they did not have any significant impact on the core gameplay.

    4.5 was also somewhat of a gaiden title (if one could even call it that), and it came out during a time in EXE franchise history where releases were jam-packed. The CoA translation team was likely already in the middle of translating EXE 4 (and anyone that played EXE 4 knew how that went in terms of, er, translation quality). With EXE 4.5 and 5 coming down the pipeline... Which one was higher priority?

    I wish everyone good luck on this. Success would make this one hell of a milestone in Rockman community history, considering how complicated and different in structure this game is.

  16. I hope, online will be possible with Hamachi too! It can be perfect :p

  17. To all people who want to play it on a classic gba/sp just buy a flash cart for 20 dollars and done. Its as if you just bought the game. I have tested it and it works beautifully.


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