Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robot Master Field Guide Premiering at PAX East

Planning on attending PAX East this weekend, being held from April 6th to the 8th? If so, then you may want to hop on over to UDON's booth to score an advance copy of The Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide.

Attendees can purchase the book at the UDON booth #124. Supplies will be limited, so you might want to zip on by ASAP. Lots of other UDON books will be making their grand debut at the show, too. Check out the full list and details here.

And for those who cannot attend PAX, you'll be pleased to know the Robot Master Field Guide is scheduled to hit stores on April 18th, according to UDON's Matt Moylan. That's only two weeks from today!

If you have any additional questions on the book's release, drop them in this post and I'll send 'em Matt's way. Thanks Matt!


  1. Wow. You mean this thing is FINALLY coming out?

  2. I'll believe it when I see it

  3. Andronian: It's real; I have mine already.

  4. Does it have new stuff, or is it just the same information from the Wiki?


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