Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking Back at Yujin's Rockman DASH 2 Figures

Rockman Corner reader Undamned stopped by to provide us with an extensive look at Yujin's Rockman DASH 2 figures. Released way back in 2001, these Gashapons are highly regarded as some of the finest DASH figures around, even to this day. Check 'em out:

Undamned's channel also plays host to an in-depth look of the Rock Volnutt figure, viewable here.

I was eleven years old when I first assembled my Yujin Rock -- you wouldn't believe how many pieces I lost in the process. He's up on my shelf now... standing on one leg. I should probably remedy that one of these days.

Thanks, Undamned!


  1. I'd personally kill for the Volnutt figure. All things considered it's no doubt the rarest (and one of the only figures of him around aside from the DASH 2 model kits). I think this fellow probably won this set on eBay recently. =P

  2. Cool! They're more cooler than I thought. I've seen them on ebay too. I kinda regret not getting them now.

  3. Yeah, these are great but very old at this point. I have them, and they were not at all cheap :)


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