Monday, April 30, 2012

New Rockman Goods at Capcom Retail Store

Capcom recently stocked some new Rockman goods at the E-Capcom retail store in Tokyo. Limited edition chocolates, postcards, buttons and stickers featuring the Blue Bomber (and other Capcom brands) went on sale yesterday. Check 'em out:

This lovely postcard will run you 315 Yen.

Decorative chocolates, 60 Yen a pop.

Rockman buttons! 136 Yen each

The Capcom store is located on the on the third floor of the Mediage entertainment complex, which is located at Odaiba in Tokyo. If you have the means to get there, be sure to snatch these trinkets before they're gone!

... Okay, so maybe this stuff isn't all that interesting. Still, it's good to see Capcom pushing some new Rockman merch. It was starting to get a little quite on that front!

Source: Dengeki Online


  1. japan only. :\ gee, thanks capcom

  2. @Anon1: In NA it would be known as the RE/SF store, or the 'More merchandise/expansions to come in already shipped packages but locked away in the backroom' store

  3. Nothing special, but at least Capcom still remember Rockman, at least when it comes to take money from our pockets with goods.

  4. Japan only, classic only...


    No love for the ZX fans still, I see. I'd love some Zero or ZX merchandise... especially if it was available outside of japan.

  5. Waits for Rockman chocolate to start popping up on ebay for $49.99 ea.


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