Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Year-Old Pitches New Mega Man Games to Capcom

This is Mark. He's five years-old. He loves Mega Man... a lot. Not only is he well versed in Blue Bomber lore, but he's got plenty of groundbreaking ideas for new Mega Man games. The second coming of Keiji Inafune, folks.

The video's a bit long, but man; this is probably the cutest thing you'll see all day. Oh, and try to stick around to 7:20 when a bombshell is dropped on our little hero. The reaction is priceless.

Don't let Mark down, Capcom.

Source: Kotaku


  1. The Oblivious PrattlerApril 23, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    So Zero gets decapitated, huh?
    Like that's enough to kill him. :P

  2. *cough cough* I am *cough* I am your *cough* doctor!

  3. Id be the proudest dad in the world if this was my kid ;D

  4. "Well, that's pretty stupid!"

    That's right, Capcom! A 5 year old is smarter than you!

  5. By far, the most adorable thing I have seen in a while. Capcom, you listen to this here five-year-old. He knows his stuff. 'Sides, you're in for a butt-kickin' if you don't.

  6. I lost it at Man Wood.

    His description of a Zero death is pretty accurate too.

  7. " do you spell Rush backwards?"
    "Duh. Hush!"
    "...of course..."

    Freaking lol.

    Kid's inadvertently a genius:
    Just think, we've got all these characters based on various types of the -presence- of noise, music, volume, etc.

    But he just came up that involves the -absence- of said things.

    Bloody heck, I don't think even .EXE covered that territory. Well played, kiddo.

  8. Heh, even a 5 year-old has more common sense than Capcom. Doesn't say much about Capcom except that they probably have 4 year-olds running the business.

  9. ooooohhhh shit capcom. You better come up with something quick or Mark here is gonna smack you on your butts.


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