Friday, April 20, 2012

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to iOS

Capcom announced today Marvel vs Capcom 2 is coming to iPhone and iPod Touch in North America and Europe. The app will feature all 56 characters from the original version including the Blue Bomber and his sister, plus Tron Bonne and the Servbots. If you don't mind virtual controls, this is probably good news.

The game is dropping kicking its way to the app store next week, April 25th. No word yet on the prospect of an iPad version, but I think it's safe to assume it's within the realm of possibility.

Screenshots available at Capcom Unity.


  1. iOS=/=Game system
    Devs, get this through your skulls. Also, I can't imagine how one would play a fighting game without a controller. It would have to be worse than the Mega Man X port, if that's even possible.

  2. I'm sure that iOS has plenty of decent's just that I'm not sure how well MvC2's controls will translate to a touch screen.

  3. It might be a sort of simplified version of the game, which, depending on how they do it, might not be so bad. The Street Fighter 4 iOS version is okay because they specifically made it for iOS. It's not a great game, but it works.

  4. Hey, I LIKED the Megaman X port! I mean sure, it's not Maverick Hunter X or has the controls of the good ol' SNES games, but I thought it was a great effort of a port, plus a fun little trip down memory lane on the go! Look at it this way, the iphone is not the 3ds, and unfortunately, that Megaman game is not on the shelf. I think the controls are as good as it is gonna get for the iphone. I hope the do a port "HD remix" kinda thing with X2 and 3 as well! But as for Marvel vs Capcom 2? Well...I kinda share your opinion there, but we'll have to wait and see. Maybe they'll port it to the 3DS or another handheld. That would be nice!

  5. WHAT!?!?

    Holy crap, this is awesome!

    Honestly, this is amazing news to hear! I just hope it has bluetooth multiplayer and possibly online, and it'll be an INSTANT download on my Installous.

    (Awww yeah, I went there. XD)

  6. Eh no thanks. I don't see this game's fast paced nature being easily transferred over to pure toucscreen. In addition, if it's not getting any balancing, fuck that.

    I don't need to go up against teams of SENTINEL/TRON/MAGNETO/STORM/CABLE thank you.

  7. Woe for Android users like me. :(

  8. The 3DS and Vita are both available with very competent online structures and they go iPhone. Instead of the dedicated gaming handhelds that would embrace this game with open arms (and physical controls, by the way), they go iPhone. Thinking about playing this game successfully with my thumbs taking up half of the flat touch screen makes my head hurt.

    Can't Capcom make one good decision? Just one and I'd be happy. One.

  9. I honestly giggled. In fact, I just told my friend a joke that made him shit himself in laughter.

    It was MvC2 coming to iOS.

  10. *Facepalm* When are they going to bring Rockman games back to new 3DS, PSVita, and new consoles ? Sighing.

    What about rebooting Rockman ? Oh boy.

  11. People who are complaining about the iOS/Android taking over from handhelds had better get used to the idea. I strongly suspect that the current generation of dedicated handhelds will be the last. Even Sony is hedging their bets with the Xperia Play.

    Smartphones and tablets have stolen a lot of the 'pick up and play for a few minutes on the train' audience that was the bread and butter of the handheld market. Look at it this way... Why drop $200 on a machine that only plays games and then $25+ per game when you can buy a smartphone or tablet that does many things for the same price where games generally run $5 or less?

    The writing is on the wall, IMHO.

    As far as this particular port goes, I'll reserve judgement until I see how they integrate the controls. It might not be too bad if it supports Bluetooth controllers.

  12. As quite a while fighter game fan who's put around 500$ in battle sticks alone,I discover this game substantially more fun than anything on the market.The way that Sf4 and King of Fighters have just about a large portion of the cast is indefensible for me.Ruler of Fighters being the greatest joke,with nothing to unlock separated from a couple of costumes, and no online play to adjust.The default controls on Marvel aren't that extraordinary,yet I appreciate the 6 button interface enough to draw off some not too bad combo's.On the off chance that this game gets online play, it will be my most played game on my phone beyond any doubt.~Lisa Moore.


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