Monday, April 16, 2012

This Life-Size Servbot Could Use a Good Home

Do you fancy Mega Man Legends? Do you have a couple hundred dollars burning a whole in your pocket? Have I got a gem for you.

Yahoo Japan is playing host to an auction for a 1:1 scale Servbot -- a one of a kind figure never released publicly, but used in promotional gigs at Capcom (like this charming photo op here). The figure stands at a little over two feet tall, two facial expressions, and poseable arm and legs. Yes, arm.

As you've no doubt noticed, our little friend is missing an arm; a consequence of being abandoned some years ago. Couldn't be found nor replaced. There's some minor wear here and there, too, but it's easily reparable according to the seller. All in all, it's in pretty sturdy condition. Just don't ask it to do any heavy lifting.

Currently, the figure is running at 28,000 Yen (roughly $347 US). That does not include shipping. Nor include the proxy services needed to obtain it if you live outside of Japan. Nevertheless, if you've got the Zenny and the means to give this little guy a good home, you can check out the auction here.

Source: Yahoo Auctions (thanks, Brian!)


  1. Where's the other arm?

  2. ^
    It was found that way.

  3. Servebot in the 2nd picture
    "Waaaaaahhh!! I lost my left arm!!"
    Poor him.

  4. Servebot in the 2nd picture.
    "Waaaaaahh!! I lost my left arm!!"
    Reminds me of Toy story. Poor him.

  5. What ever happened to that Servbot they removed from the Capcom HQ?

  6. Both faces are actually on the same head, according to the description. One face is on the front, one on the back. Even without the bidding going any higher (one bidder currently, so it will sell), after a proxy service + shipping, that's $500 for a broken Kobun :( Such an awesome piece to have, but so much money for something quite incomplete.

  7. Never have I seen a better face for the treatment Capcom has given the Legends series. A discarded, one armed Servbot who's only worth is in the eyes of the fans . . .

    Wow, that actually has me a bit choked up.

  8. It's the Servbot from MML2's ending. XD
    (The Servbot with a paper airplane that passes near Teisel, Barrell and Bluecher only has one arm in-game)

  9. Why is this Servbot one-armed? Did someone want to cosplay this one as Gundam Exia Repair?


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