Friday, April 13, 2012

Rumor: Jazwares Retires Mega Man Line

Toy licensee Jazwares has a strange, on and off relationship with Mega Man. Ever since the early 2000's, they've actively produced a wealth of Mega Man figures, model kits, play sets, and the highly successful Retro Roto line. In the interim, they've cancelled a great number of products while quietly discontinuing others. Unfortunately, that trend might be poised to continue.

Spotted over at Jazware's official website, the recently revived Retro Roto line has been relegated to "retired" status. Meanwhile, the JUVI series has completely up and vanished from the site. Pending an official announcement from Jazwares themselves, it would appear the manufacturer is done with the Blue Bomber.

Considering Jazwares' track record with Mega Man, tonight's news shouldn't come as a huge surprise. In late 2010, the manufacturer announced they required the license from Capcom to produce new Mega Man (and Street Fighter) figures to release in 2011. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. In subsequent months, we began to hear rumors of Retro Roto Wave 2 finally coming to fruition... but nothing came of that either.

Perhaps this if for the best, you know? In recent years, we've seen some excellent high quality stuff from the likes of Bandai and Kotobukiya. Maybe Capcom have come to the realization Jazwares aren't the best ones suited to handle the IP. After so many failed promises, you've go to draw the line somewhere.



  1. I consider this a good thing. I still have some Jazwares figures from '03-'04 and they're as fragile, misshapen and cheaply made as the day I got them.

  2. Maybe Capcom not doing anything with Mega man these days has something to do with it.

  3. @Alice--Agreed. I'm glad they're retiring it. I've wanted them to lose the license for a while now. Hopefully they give up their rights to the series if they're not interested. I love Bandai and Kotobukiya's latest figures and if a new American manufacturer wants to try their hand at making great Megaman figures, I say, let them have at it.

    @SuperMario--yeah, that probably doesn't help either.

  4. For the record, the company has gotten better of the years and I consider this a huge disappointment. I was really hope for some new figures, especially some more retro rotos. But I suppose that's not going to happen, even though they'd likely sell loads. I mean, christ. Can they not see Mega Man fans clamoring for some hope of the franchise? GE, Udon, Bandi, Kotobukiya and Archie are doing well keeping it's head above water, but the last thing we needs are other companies backing out of the license. Come ON, people.

  5. "After so many failed promises, you've got to draw the line somewhere"...

    A statement that couldn't be any more synonymous with Capcom or Mega Man.

  6. Ill give credit though- Jazzwares' megaman stuff certainly got better over time. And while quality wise they were nothing special, they were still very fun to play with.

  7. Knock Jazwares if you like (there are a number of figures that definitely deserve it) but the Retro Roto line was pretty damn solid. If only they'd made more of them.

    I count this to be a sad thing, seeing as exposure for the Blue Bomber is pretty limited to merchandise these days.

  8. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am glad that Jazwares is done with Megaman. This great news!!!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!! All their figures sucked, even the stupid retro line. All of them. Their figures got better with other series, mainly Sonic the Hedgehog, but not Megaman that's for sure! This is VERY good news for me, even if it's a rumor, which I hope it's true.
    It's funny how people on eBay are trying to sell their Jazwares crap at high prices of the D-Arts and old BANDAI model kits. If Capcom took away Jazwares license to make Megaman merchandise, then that's a good decision!!! BANDAI D-Arts are excellent! Kotobukiya's are excellent too, though they messed up by going onto Zero, but Megaman, Protoman and Roll are excellent!!!
    Finally Jazwares is getting the big picture and realizing to leave it to BANDAI and Kotobukiya, the true sculptors and creators, the Japanese!!!
    All and all..... F*** Jazwares!!!!!

  9. I would have gone nuts over Jazwares stuff when I was a kid. Even when I bought it as a teenager I thought it was pretty neat.

    That being said, they pretty much only ever made cheap, fragile junk compared to the gorgeous models we've seen lately. Them losing the Mega Man license really wouldn't break my heart.

  10. Well, I for one am disappointed we'll probably never see the wave 2 Retro Rotos. Say what you will about them, at least Jazwares gave us some boss figures instead of rehashing the heroes over and over and over.

    I wanted that Snake Man figure, dammit.

  11. Do tell to make thing understandable. By they looks of it, Jazwares' too ugly. They should'nt make MM products in the beginning, and they should've known early that it'll be a terrific rip-off if they made one. They've wasted their own freakin' time to something that'll never succeed, and they decided to take those wrong ways for no reason, much as committing self-destruction. Serves them right? YES they do.

  12. Wow, it sure took them long enough...

  13. oh no.. Does that mean Megaman is now extinct ? I hope not. :(

  14. their lines were shitty asides the retro roto. who cares. bandai's d-arts is what we've been waiting for for years and they're fantastic.

  15. Bout time!!!!!!!

    They clearly odn't care about the character, which was apparent in the quality of figures they made.

    I say this as an owner of every MM toy they ever made (purchased because I am a fan), each one a reluctant buy.

    Can't wait for a company that actually understands the character and fan base o do something right with the IP.

  16. This wouldn't be so bad if the other figures weren't:
    -Stupidly expensive. $60+ for a fucking toy? SERIOUSLY?
    -So hard to come by. You have to deal specifically with online retailers with shifty-looking websites, or eBay.
    -Actually model kits in disguise. I just want to get a figure, what do you mean I have to build and paint it myself?
    -Had articulation. Yeah, not all of Jazwares' stuff was vert articulated, but there's too many action figures from Japan that are all figure and no action.

  17. They weren't ALL terrible besides the RR figures. Some of the later X series Jazwares figures were pretty nice. Not as nice as the Bandai figures, but then again, they didn't cost $40+. I still have the 6" Axl figure somewhere.

    Only figure he's ever gotten, unfortunately. Maybe Bandai will make one in the D-Arts line eventually.

  18. I don't know how people found their stuff acceptable. Even the RR line was terrible. Cheap plastic and horrible paint applications. Their molds were always awful. This is the worst toy company to give the license to but companies still do it. I hope SEGA pulls the Sonic license away from them soon too because those Sonic toys are shit tier.

    I hope someone else gets the license for U.S merchandise.

    Like Hasbro or Bandai. Bandai's Thundercat's figures are great.

  19. I more or less think Capcom's turning the lights out on anything Mega Man has more to do with it than anything else.

    I still have my Jazzies. Aside the crappy Blade Armor X that falls apart the second he gets a chance, the 2nd run of them were pretty solid.


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