Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who Is Red Ant Enterpises? RM9 On Wii?

Numerous gamers have spotted that MegaMan 9's OFLC rating was registered by "Red Ant Enterpises." So, who exactly are they?

Apparently, Red Ant Enterprises Is Capcom's "digital" distributor in Australia. Meaning they are responsible for allowing Australian gamers to access Capcom content on popular download services such as Xbox Live Arcade and PLAYSTATION Network.

Going by this info, we can conclude that RM9/MM9 is indeed be a downloadable title. But, what about the Wii? Can we expect RM9/MM9 to appear on WiiWare?

Some have speculated that Capcom has passed on the Wii's download service due to its file size limitations. However, that does not rule out a Wii version. Tonight, I received a tip from PRC reader "JibJab" that Wii owners will not miss out on RM9/MM9. Wii owners will be able to purchase a retail version of the game that is said to be nearly identical to both the XBLA and PSN versions.

Could RM9/MM9 be the long rumored Wii title? We'll have to wait and see. E3 2008 isn't too far off , I'm pretty positive we'll hear some more RM9/MM9 details there.


  1. Rockman 9 will be on Wii. Have no fears.

    - The Shadow

  2. Rockman 9 will be on Gizmondo. Have Faith in chaos.

    --The Box Ghost

    Crap, I forgot to sign out of my Blogger account, didn't I? XD

  3. Well, retail is good... but I think Wiiware would be more awesomerer. Maybe it was one of the unnamed Capcom projects for e3. Here's hoping the other is MML3 or SF Wii.

  4. All I'm concerned about is the notion of if the basic content will be the same across the 3 games.

    Online play? Leaderboards? Possibly shared custom content? That needs to be offered across all 3 versions of the game.

    But in any case, it's good to see that Capcom is bringing Rockman back in force. And I'm glad I get to own my retail copy to put on my shelf, as well as a Wii version.

    Too bad they couldn't do this LAST year, when it was his 20th anniversary...

    - TreIII

  5. I still don't completely believe this MM9, but if it's real, it'd make me a lot happier if there's also a retail version for the Wii! (I'm a collector, a downloadable game takes all the fun of owning the game! :/)


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