Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pirated RM8 Attempts To Be Awesome, Fails

A while back, an unnamed Taiwan game company ported Rockman 8 to the GameBoy. Although it's 100% unofficial, the effort put into this pirate makes it look official. But don't be fooled. Check out vids of the god awful music and choppy gameplay.

Good effort guys. I'll stick with the real thing.

Periodically, this pirate shows up on numerous auction sites, so steer clear


  1. This bootleg makes Mega Man 1 and 3 for the PC look like masterpieces in comparison.

  2. This is sad. If you're gonna try to sell a fake game, at least get your facts straight and make the thing playable. Better yet...don't try to sell it in the first place! I hope they got their rear ends sued off!

  3. Re-hashing graphics, terrible music, using old sprites, annoying sound effects and terrible game play...doesn't sound THAT much different from the Megaman games capcom is making these days.

  4. *Sues the latest Anonymous for al it's worth... Along with the pirating company*
    Failed game. No. Let me correct that. Super-mega-ultra-epicly-more-epic-then-super-mega-epic-fail-of-a-Rockman-wannabe-game.


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