Monday, June 2, 2008


CAPTIVATE ended as quickly as it began. The two day event is said to have revealed several new titles for the remainder of the year. So, what can we expect from the 'ol Blue Bomber?

Officially, CAPTIVATE news doesn't begin until tomorrow, but there are a few rumors out and about already:

-Three Wii titles were shown: "NeoPets Puzzle Adventure" and "Spyborgs." The third Wii title is from an already established franchise that won't be unveiled until next week. Scramble Battle? Or something else?

-Inafune was present for a few announcements

-MegaMan Star Force 2 was out to play. Capcom confirmed Wave Command Cards coming to the US. Supposedly, players can purchase Wave Command Cards from the Capcom online store.

-Within the next year, Capcom will be remaking several "classic" titles for PSN and XBLA. No specifics of what titles are getting remade, but RM titles are given.

Again, CAPTIVATE news doesn't come out officially until tomorrow, so hang tight and we'll see what happens.


-Discussion of Star Force's return to Toonami Jetstream. Apparently, Viz Media is currently looking into several options to broadcast the show to a "larger audience." Televised episodes perhaps?

-Originally, it was rumored that ZX3 was going to be present at CAPTIVATE. This was not so apparently. However, that does not rule out the possibility of ZX3. During a press meeting, Inafune breifly talked about ZX3. No specifics at this time.


-IGN is reporting Capcom revealed a third person, "sci-fi action game for Wii." Rockman related? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. New MegaMan ZX Announcement, New MegaMan ZX Announcement, New MegaMan ZX Announcement, New MegaMan ZX Announcement... PLEEEEEEASE Capcom...

  2. I sincerely hopeth for scramble battle.

  3. MegaMan Powered Up 2 for XBLA? I hope so... I want my Metal Blade!

    I can't believe they're bringing over the Wave Command cards. Not that I even know what they do... but Capcom not mutilating a port as badly is always a good thing, right?

  4. I wishes that capcom had been as nice to the BN series, what would've been cooler than slotting in chips?? Well, what with the "insider" saying there was no big news, I'm saddeningly starting to think no Megaman wii yet. *sniff* PLEASE!

    Where is "the shadow"? Maybe he's heard of the Megaman Wii game...

  5. Sadly, once you search around YouTube for Captivate '08 it's full of Resident Evil 5 crap, not saying the game itself is crap, but seriously, tons of people on YouTube are uploading it, and it needs to just STOP D:


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