Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Design Magazine?" Right...

WARNING! Article isn't for those easily offended!

The DASH series is infamous for its kinky sense of humor. A good amount of the the “adult themes" from the Japanese version were miraculously left intact in localized versions.

Tron Ni Kobun's release is the only exception as anything remotely obscene was either removed or altered. One such instance of censorship is the “design magazine'' item from the Bank Mission containing facts and tidbits about home decour.

Now I ask you, does this look like a "design magazine" to you?

No sir.

The “design magazine” was formally called “adult magazine” in the Japanese version but changed out of censorship. Interestingly, Capcom took no time to modifying the erotic magazine sprite into something a little more kid friendly.

Funny, right? It gets better! Once you give the design magazine to Servbot #40, a short dialogue sequence occurs in which #40 tells Tron how he'd like to alter the drapes of the Gesellschaft. This sequence was altered as well: In the original version, #40 is known as the kooky pervert of the Kobun numbers, obsessed with Tron's bed. Upon giving him the erotic magazine, his "stats" increase dramatically, ensuring a very awkward conversation with Tron.

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