Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newest RnR3 Details From Coro Coro (Return of Navis?) *UPDATED*

Courtesy of the MegaMan Network:

-The game will feature new EM beings called Wizards, which are in same way a carry over from the Battle Network era. They are Navi-like beings that can materialize and be touched and seen. Some Wizards are Battle Wizards and fight EM viruses, so it's implied they have broader applications.

-The new portable device Geo and everyone uses is the Hunter VG. They are capable of materializing Wizards for various work for people. It has a Wizard Slot that different adapters can be inserted into. The War Rock (Omega-Xis) and Ox (Taurus) adapters are mentioned.

-The new character featured in the first SF3 wallpaper is Shidou (his last name I can't translate at this time). He is an ace member of the Satellite Police who developed the Hunter VG. He is accompanied by a Wizard named Acid.

-Omega-Xis and Taurus will seemingly become Wizard-like beings thanks to the Hunter VG. Rogue from the previous game is also accompanied by a Wizard named Laplace.

Scans from the Coro Coro will be up in the very near future, hang tight.

UPDATE: And we have a scan! Scan depicts the partial cast's Wizards along with a "fresh" Ryuusei logo. More scans are still to come.


  1. I wondered how they would explain more characters able to use denpa henkan. I'm getting pretty exited about this one... maybe the "return of RM.EXE" will be as a wizard? Hmm... Oh, and protodude, I have a question. What do we refer to megaman as in the star force series? There was megaman, megaman X, Megaman volnutt, megaman.exe... Do we just say, Star Force rockman?

  2. The in-universe term is simply "Rockman." But when we want to distinguish him from the rest of the Rockmen, I typically call him Ryuusei Rockman or Shooting Star Rockman.

  3. I had a thought... In Japan it's "warrock", and the l and r thing makes it "warlock" Sometimes. Warlock the wizard! By the way, unless they disappear entirely in the second one, which I've never played... Navis never left. They just aren't as necesarry for daily life as they used to be.

  4. Actually, in the original storyline, Warrock refers to the Ryusei Rockman as "Ryusei no Rockman" which is the game's title. Just like the Japanese EXE series, the series name is based on the Rockman's name.

    So the real terms are either: Ryusei no Rockman or Rockman of the Shooting Star.


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