Friday, June 27, 2008

RM9 Afterthoughts: Where's the Enthusiasm?

“The moment you've been waiting for is here! We're not just giving you Rockman 9, we're giving you a new Famicom/NES game. This is a game that brings back the fun of the old games, and I hope you all enjoy it!" -Keiji Inafune

There seems to be little no no enthusiasm concerning the graphics of RM9. Why? We've waited a good long eleven years for this, many had hoped RM9 would be a 2.5D outing (ala RR) but this is not the case, as RM9 is in full blown Famicom 8 Bit.

Is Capcom lazy? Or are they actually paying homage to the game play and graphics that made our franchise so great? You've got to applaud Capcom, an 8 bit game is this day and age? With a market that is clogged with HD games, FPS shooters and causal games, it's great to see a developer step up to the plate and introduce something “new.”

Sure, the graphics are a step back from what was established in RM8 and onwards, but this is clearly a game to celebrate the franchise's roots.

Inafune said it best:

The reason this game as a 8bit style game, is because fans being the most acquainted to that style since the birth of Rockman more than 20 years ago. Since fans has been playing the first games in the series an unlimited amount of time, and portraying his classic style in both fan productions on the internet and T-shirt decorations, it felt just right to bring the revival of our classic Blue Bomber back in a style that's most familiar to everyone. Being able to test the limits of 8bit graphics on a current generation home console seemed like a fun idea to pick up on.

The way I see it, RM9 is being developed as an 8bit title to appeal to gamers who want a “fun and easy pick up and play game.” The older 8 bit Rockman games required no fancy controls to memorize, we simply had two buttons and four directions. It's the perfect type of game aimed at this demographic. Pick up and learn as you go.

Let's say you're still not convinced. You refuse to buy RM9 because the game is based upon a style not seen in fifteen years (Rockman 6). You view it as laziness on Capcom's part. They had eleven years to develop the game and this is what we get? What do you do?

Wait and see about the confirmed XBLA and PSN versions

It's highly possible the XBLA and PSN versions of the game will feature somewhat upgraded graphics to meet the standards of Microsoft and Sony's downloadable games. Neither of the two gaming giants would allow such a game on their services, thus modifications will have to be made.

It's a shame to see long time fans pan RM9 because of its presentation. As for me, I'm fairly excited for the title to come to fruition.

Now, all we need is a release date and I'm good to go.


  1. As a guy who once was on Rockman Perfect Memories board called Lacan that got banned due to me wanting Rockman 9 so much that it literally made me act stupid and I still regret it. All I can say is that I am very excited for Mega Man 9 and feel like my life is complete.

    And personally I love the idea of using 8 bit NES type graphics and sounds.

    Btw the link you posted is broken, just to let you know.

  2. I'm thrilled that it's coming to Xbox Live since I don't have a Wii and don't have $300 lying around. Xbox downloadable version needs to have HD next gen graphics and the 8 bit version, and I will be forever happy.

  3. When InafKing puts it that way, 8bit makes perfect sense.

    I was pretty disappointed with many RPMers' reactions to the 8bit, and I let 'em know it--politely, I hope. With that said, I hate to think how the mainstream reviewers (IGN, EGM, GI, X-Play, etc.) are going to treat MM9...

    Regardless, it's one more reason to get a Wii. ~RADIX

  4. I am very excited for MegaMan 9, I am still shocked that Capcom decided to make it 8-bit, but I think it is a very bold move that they went with it. I just hope this game is successful so we get to see more future titles, 8-bit or not.

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  6. From my point of view, the 8-bit graphic choice is not about homage or the other stuff we are talking about in the forums. It´s a financial choice, after the low sales of Rockman X8, RR, IHX and RZXA, Capcom can´t take the risk to make a game with new sprites or 2´5 gameplay because is equal to medium/high time and development cost.

  7. That is not true. Unlike the other games which used a brand new style, MM9 is sure to sell many copies. Thousands of fans have been waiting for something like this, so even if they were to give it a new style, it wouldn't be risky at all. I am positive. Inafune's reasons for making it 8-bit had absolutely nothing to do with money.

    Anyways, I'm glad that it will be on PSN. For some reason, the Wiimote feels awkward in my hands when holding it horizontally...

  8. It truly shows which are "true" fans of Mega Man.

  9. I think there's quite a bit of enthusiasm for MM9. Just the few people who are disappointed are being the loudest (as usual).

  10. I don't care for anything, I didn't wait 10 years for a NES game. So, there is no way I'm buying this thing. It should be fun for those who play MM since his NES times, but I started to play MM in my N64.

    1987 - 2008 Come on Capcom, don't go 20 years in the past

  11. @anon #4: Haven't we had enough crap about some megaman fans harping on others for which series' they like and dislike. That disgusts me. I would've liked this title whether they had gone 2.5D or 8 bit.

  12. I wonder: will it be a NES native program/game? You know, the 8 sprites (flickering) and the 64 tiles limitations.

    Plus, I was expecting such flamming on Rockman 9. I can't understand, since Capcom has tried to change it in many ways. Examples are Rockman Rockman, almost "banned" because of its graphic style; next, the kid-style Rockman 7 and 8.

  13. Inafune's quotes in your news post was rewritten in a way so it could be more understandable and give more enthusiasm that way. Check up Kombo for the original article.

    And for the people blaming RPMers for their bad influence towards the 8bit direction, well... I have to agree on it. All this time, I've always been positive about the idea of the 8bit move, but the other members didn't seem to agree. But they were only a handful that were disappointing. The regulars took this news just fine.

    Lemme quote something I said to Nytetrayn a while ago.

    "We're getting a Mega Man 9 one way or the other. That's all the assurance I want.
    Everyone kept complaining about the looks of the game and went all skeptical on the whole issue.
    I just will go and enjoy it no matter how it looks. It doesn't matter what system it's on.

    What most of us didn't like is how people still calls RPM a joke or a cesspool of a site, when they only base these accusations on the past April Fools pranks. As far as contents go, RPM is as serious as any other fan site out there, and it shouldn't be called a low population site, when the most activity is situated in here. The whole "We got the real scoop on the deal before anyone else, we kick ass" ordeal is stretching it a bit. Congrats to MMN for the scoop really, but as Sven put it faithfully, NP got it first and the rest of the sites reproduces the news somehow. It shouldn't be a competition here. We're getting a new sequel here and everyone should be happy for that.

    I could ramble about this a bit more, but I'm not that kind to do that. I just leave this alone and hope that the game meets my expectations, which it already has with the screenshots and summarized article alone.

    Like I said, graphics doesn't make the game alone. The overall appeal and the experience, along with the gameplay, music and other artistic visual aspect is what will win me over with the game. Even a 8bit game can prove to amaze someone like me, and the cutscenes in the first 6 MM games, plus the Rockman 7 Famicom remake, proves that just nicely."

    So I don't want to see me included in that disappointing bunch. >w<

  14. I'll say it before, and I'll say it again.

    People whine, bitch, and complain like little babies when a new Mega Man game comes out, and they still whine over it. Quite frankly, I'm sick of seeing the so-called "hardcore" fans bitching about MM 9 and dis the newer generation games such as Battle Network and Star Force. There is just no pleasing these kinds of morons.

  15. I'm gonna have to trust Inafune's judgement on this. I wouldn't have chosen to use 8-bit graphics, but then again, we don't always know what we want. I couldn't wait to see Megaman in 3-D, but when X7 came out, I didn't like it. So maybe this is for the best.

  16. The NP article says "fall" so I'd guess anywhere in the Sept.-December timeslot.

  17. (sorry if this gets to you multiple times, Blogger appears to not be cooperating with me today!)

    think the lack of enthusiasm is because people have been burned by Capcom - and other FANS (yes, I'm looking at you, fake screenshot-makers and false 'insiders') - over and over and over again. Because of such 'fun', people no longer trust anything they hear about the series.

    You can't even trust Capcom itself:
    The X Collection was 'scaled back' because of IHX, which then itself became a cancelled series. The promises and then cancellation of the Megaman Game Boy collection, despite heavy promotion back at the time. Capcom's complete inability to keep track of its own internal storylines. I think these are valid reasons to be wary of a new release.

    If MM9 really is as good as MM2, great! If it's a nostalgia release to placate fans who were wondering why the 20th was such a dull, wet thud, that's fine too. Sure. And then restrict it to only one platform - the most expensive and currently difficult to obtain platform, sure. And then make it an online only game, probably not on the radar of your average nostalgic casual adult gamer- the very people they're supposedly marketing to? Sure, okay.

    And you know, you just KNOW, that they're going to claim low sales again and put the 'classic' line into deep freeze again. It's like stacking the deck ahead of time so all it CAN do is fail.

    The franchise has been handled poorly like this all along, and Capcom continues to pander to the whims of the market; now, instead of pandering to little kids and 'card game' rages in Japan, they're pandering to the rose-tinted nostalgia of adults.

    And, since it's not the effing "Cataclysm" that everybody seems to want to see happen for some moronic reason, people are 'disappointed' to wait 20 years and get a lightweight entry, too.

    If this marks the beginning of a new direction for the franchise, great. But I can see why people are holding back their enthusiasm on multiple fronts.


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