Friday, June 20, 2008

First Screenshot of RM9? *UPDATE*

Vixy of RPM received an e-mail from an authentic "anonymous" Capcom beta tester claiming to have visual proof of RM9's existence.

The beta tester's message:

"'Im a beta tester for Capcom, and it's been a lot of fun reading all these posts about Rockman 9!

I'm one of the people who gets to test it! Grin

Ever since I started playing it, I've wanted to take pictures and post them online, but they check you for cameras every time before you go into the room to play. Well I thought I'd try something tricky after a few months of beta testing, so I borrowed my girl friend's phone. The guys there trust me enough not to pat me down anymore and they'll let me hand them my phone. So, I took a quick picture of the screen with my girl friend's phone! Sorry it's so blurry and dark, but she's got a really old phone.

I want to just send it to you guys because I don't want it to get too much attention (Which is why I'm not sending it to Kotaku, or 1-Up.). But I'll confirm a few things about the game:

- You can play as Blues.
- The graphics are in the 8-bit sprite style, but not the classic Famicom/NES one.
- It doesn't have anything to do with the X series.
- Tango is in it, and works just like the Rockman World Game Boy version.
- The game doesn't support full wide screen YET, but it will.
- It does support 480p.

Also, PLEASE don't reveal my alias, e-mail name, or e-mail address! I don't want anyone to know I'm the one who sent this in!"

Numerous people are looking into this, so check back often for the verdict.


  1. To be honest the enemy doesn't look like a Mega man foe. I mean it doesn't look cartoony. Most of the foes in Mega man games are not so serious or cryptic.

  2. I can't believe it... I mean, this is awesome!!! Thanks to that guy that sends this picture to us =D!!

  3. I can't reveal my identity, and you have no reason to trust me, but I can only assure you I speak the truth.

    This is a fake. The real Megaman 9 sprites are exact duplicates of the NES ones.

    The man talking about robots with expiration dates is speaking the truth. This new source is lying.

    Doctor Light has built his new robots to expire after completing their programmed task, but what would happen if eight of those noble robots rebelled against such treatment?

  4. That screenshot looks like bull. I refuse to believe Capcom would be so lazy with their tiling - most of the ground looks like the same tile flipped, stretched, and rotated. That, and the "enemy" looks like a bunch of older MegaMan enemies cut-and-paste into one. The MegaMan sprite looks okay, but again, it doesn't fit for some reason.

    OH! And no background, seriously?

    Of course I also refuse to believe the poster above - fans of the MegaMan series have waited over 10 years for MegaMan 9. 10 YEARS. Do you really think Capcom would shaft it's fans by using NES sprites? Even if Capcom didn't care about its fans - you know how much bad media they'd get?

    Doesn't make sense from any way you look at it.

    Obviously no one right now is really reliable - too much BS and everyone wanting their 5 minutes of fame. Almost sad. That being said, if, through some divine abomination, Capcom does use NES sprites in a 2008 game and does what you people are saying they're gonna do...well... it will be a sad day for MegaMan.


  5. Well said Age. Agreed 200%

  6. That screen shot is completely bogus. It doesn't even look remotely real.

  7. Aw come on, ANOTHER guy? John Jack, I don't believe anything you or "TheShadow" says, to be honest. I already asked Capcom about TheShadow and I am awaiting their response, if they even provide us with one for that matter...


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