Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Contrary to yesterdays rumors, there was little to no Rockman presence at all with the exception of more Star Force 2.

Glancing at the list of games shown at CAPTIVATE, it appears this event was solely based around games being made by Capcom USA or being distributed by them, so we pretty much had our hopes up for nothing.

Alas, all is not lost for new Rockman titles, E3 is just around the corner.

Many thanks to all who've sent in the tips!


Capcom Unity members who attended CAPTIVATE were fortunate enough to ask Capcom several Rockman related questions, the most notable questions related to the existence of ZX3 and the rumored home console game.

Capcom could neither confirm nor deny the existence of the two, but the lack of a straight answer gives hope to both titles.


  1. I am getting pretty worried about the Rockman/Mega Man franchise a bit. As it seems that its hanging on a thread with the Star Force series.

    I hope something comes out of E3.

  2. I wouldn't worry. Capcom is well aware the franchise isn't as healthy as it use to be, and is c urrently taken action.

    However, I wouldn't be the least but surprised if we only saw SF styled Rockman games for the next couple of years.

  3. I'm sincerely hoping that the third-person game is Legends 3 or a 3d ryusei game, but I've lost most of my hope. I waited forever for Captivate. :( Mayhaps E3 will show something.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Mega Man and I always stand by the Blue Bomber. I really hope this is all true. Come on Capcom, keep up with Mega Man. I don't want to see the franchise die...

  5. I just hope to see a third Megaman ZX game. ._. I could care less for the Network ones, and stuff, I never liked them. :O

  6. "However, I wouldn't be the least but surprised if we only saw SF styled Rockman games for the next couple of years."

    That's really depressing.

  7. I wished something could have been confirmed for something in regards to ZX3. Guess we will have to wait for E3, though this is REALLY killing me.

  8. *sigh* yet again, harping on SF. Of course, compared to BN, I think SF stinks too... But I'm sure none of you are of that opinion. Protodude, I think I saw you said somewhere that a third-person shooter was unveiled... any smidgens of info on that?

  9. "Spyborgs" turned out to be the third person shooter, unfortunately.


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