Thursday, June 26, 2008

RM9 Screenshot Slide Show

Can't find the RM9 screens? YouTube user "SuperMega233" has your fix!


  1. I swear, everything gets put on youtube now. I even saw a tutorial on how to hack your wii. Things like that need to stay in written format....

  2. Text from interview with Inafune: "...And in addition to the graphics, the music will be styled in an 8-bit fashion, as well as 8-bit styled cinema cutscenes. "I am sure when people see the opening scenes- new content with 8-bit graphics- they're going to be very excited."


    8-bit styled cinema? For me this is just a divertion. I mean, this could be a cool idea for a side-story but not for Rockman 9. Heck, Megaman and Bass should have been instead Rockman 9.

  3. Agreed Gigaman....also, this video has been taken down.

  4. O_o It plays for me...


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