Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New MMSF2 Wave Command Card Kit Details, Cover

To coincide with MMSF2's June 24th release date, Prima Games plans to ship the "Wave Command Card Kit" to stores as well as distribute an "eGuide" version at their website. (Both with a retail MSRP of $14.99)

Over 270 collectible cards to enhance Mega Man's various skills, experience and gameplay tactics.
• Exclusive removable Touch Command Overlays for your Nintendo DS.
• Touch Command System explained in detail.
• Every card stat broken down from attribute to rare features to help take down the newest UMAs.


  1. June 24th... one day after my b-day!! Hopefully they last...

  2. You should also post the back image, the Wave Command Card Kit comes with one Wave Command card where you can look up each card and it's code, and use the Wave Command Card and punch in the code.

  3. So wait... all you need is this kit thing? No buying booster packs from or anything?

  4. @MegaMatt:

    At the moment, the kit is all you need. The description implies that all the Card ever produced are contained within the book.

  5. Protodude, do you have an amazon affiliate account? You should post a link so you can make a little money from promoting this :)


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