Thursday, June 26, 2008

RM9 Officially Confirmed, Pics From Nintendo Power *UPDATE*

Yes, it seems RM9 is slated to hit WiiWare, in true 8-bit form.

I don't know what to say. I'm somewhat disappointed in the 8bit look, but this may turn out to be enjoyable! Judging by the interview, it appears Inafune plays a large role in the game's development, thus this will be awesome.

I managed to zoom in on the pics and got some extra info from the interview:

-8-bit sounds and music
-Rush is back (no new forms)
-Horizontal controls
-Inafune is VERY interested in perusing more RM projects on WiiWare.
-IntiCreates is working on it.
-Possible multiple playable characters
-Gameplay is intended to surpass that of RM2
-New Robot Masters:
Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman (!)

The story revolves around a conspiracy. Dr. Wily claims that the 8 Robot Masters are not his doing, and puts the blame on Dr. Right. Thus, Rockman tries to prove his innocence.


Capcom USA has just confirmed RM9's existence, along with a small tease!
“I will also say, NP only has part of the story. More to be learned later.” - Corporate Officer and Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson

Update 2:

Oookay, so the MMN has been killed due to traffic. Here's an alternate link to the pics with higher quality scans.

Update 3:

Capcom has ordered the pics to be taken down-for now.


  1. It's never felt so good to be wrong about something.

  2. All I can say is "WOW", a Women????? Just WOW! Looking forward to it, haven't played a 8-bit Mega Man title since i was 6 years old.

  3. Yeah, I'm disappointed by the 8-bit only as well, but for now I am going to trust Inticreates, they have done some awesome work in the past, they must have their reasons. Thanks for whoever scanned this and hope you don't get fired over it :) I imagine next month's issue is gonna be a big seller. Cover page anyone?

  4. mmm...
    I have mixed feelings about this, I was expecting a lot more from the graphics... (and a retail version >_>)

    Now, didn't "The Shadow" said that the game wouldn't have NES graphics, just an art style that was a tribute to MM1-6? (I always hoped he meant something like Street Fighter 2 HD Remix...)

  5. I'm truely happy for Mega Man 9 to be offically be comfirmed. So that means that what some of things that Shadow said were true even though Capcom themselves that Shadow doesn't work for them on the Capcom board.

  6. Hmmm... I think if we want to have any idea of what the gameplay will be like, it'd be a good idea to look to the Mega Man Model a minigame in Mega Man ZX Advent. That was 8-Bit, but seemed to feature controls just as good as any recent Mega Man game (correct me if I'm wrong here).

    I'm surprised, though. Even in that MMZXA minigame the colors were pretty vibrant even though it was all in 8-bit. The colors in the scans make it look like they developed it JUST like an NES game.

    I'll be more excited when they announce another X series game, though. Classic was fun, but X will always be my favorite.

  7. me, i'm not buying it anymore, DAMN YOU CAPCOM!!!! I WAIT 10 YEARS AND YOU GIVE ME THIS PIECE OF CRAP?! Lol, they're making MM9 a 20 year old game...

  8. I'm ecstatic that it's 8-bit. Capcom could not have made a better choice!

  9. I'm waiting for those "other RM wiiware titles." But I will be downloading MM9.

  10. Very interesting indeed... but Splash WOMAN??? Wow, talk about a curve-ball, though a touch predictable with some fan games/fictions. Thinking of fan-games, i've played one that had Tornado man. Either way, looks intriguing and hopefully it'll actually be able to be bought in stores and not just on WiiWare and those things.

  11. So...where's The Shadow now? Really?


  12. @ageman20xx

    ...Probably enjoying a good sized LOL for being vindicated when there were so many doubters. XD

    But any way...I'm loving this. They need only announce a date, and I would have my first WiiWare purchase.

  13. Guess what guys? I WAS the one who exposed TheShadow as a faker. I WAS the one wwho asked Capcom about him, and got the answer (Jonathan is my undercover name). So yeah, you've been owned you fricken faker. :)

    I'm still glad that the game is real, though. Good thing I have a Wii now. :)

  14. Splash woman must be that one female mermaid sketch that Inafune showed during that G4 special interview.


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