Saturday, June 21, 2008

MMSF2 "Website" Launched, A Look At The Wave Command Card Kit

(Seems this whole week has been about RM9 and RnR news)

Capcom overhauled their official MegaMan portal with a section dedicated solely to MMSF2 (releasing this week). It's not as fancy as its Japanese counterpart, but at least its something.

In related news, YouTube user OmegaSM has put up a guided tour of the Wave Command Card book. Not sure how he got the book early, but worth a watch to those curious how the US version of the system works.


  1. I managed to get a copy today, myself. Gamestop was selling them.

  2. Same here. It's a nice little book; even though I don't have SF2, I figured I might as well get the kit now before they become rare.

    That said, I doubt any of the cards are compatible with the first game(s). ~RADIX


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