Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buy This Dude's Rockman Collection For $3,000

$3,000? Isn't that a bit harsh for? For what you could get, 3,000 seems about right. Currently on ebay is "mr aoki's" Rockman collection which consists of the following:

-Rockman (Famicom)
-Rockman 2 (Famicom)
-Rockman 3 (Famicom)
-Rockman 4 (Famicom)
-Rockman 5 (Famicom)
-Rockman 6 (Famicom)
-Rockboard (Famicom)

-Megaman in Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy)
-Megaman 3 (Gameboy)
-Megaman 4 (Gameboy)
-Megaman 5 (Gameboy; NOTE: when I acquired this item, it already had writing in the "memo" section of the manual)
-Rockman World 5 (Megaman 5 for Gameboy, only the Japanese version)

-Rockman Soccer (Super Famicom)

-Rockman in Megaworld (a 16-bit remake of Megaman's 1-3 for the Japanese Sega Mega Drive)

-Megaman (US; Sega Game Gear)

-Rockman (PS One - PS One Books Edition)
-Rockman 2 (PS One - Rockman Complete Works)
-Rockman 3 (PS One - Rockman Complete Works)
-Rockman 4 (PS One - Rockman Complete Works)
-Rockman 5 (PS One - Rockman Complete Works)
-Rockman 6 (PS One - Rockman Complete Works)
-The Adventures of Tron Bonne (PS One - Japanese version)

-Rockman Complete OST (Original Soundtrack) : Rockman 1-6

-Megaman and Bass (Gameboy Advance)

-Megaman Battle Network (Gameboy Advance)

-Rockman Perfect Memories (10th Anniversary Book - all text is in Japanese)

-Rockman Plushie
-Blues/Protoman Plushie
-Pharaoh Man Plushie
-Blues.EXE Plushie

-Megaman Retro Roto Figures - Megaman, Protoman, Elecman, Gutsman, and Shadowman

-Megaman Classic Bobblehead

"As a bonus, if someone uses the "Buy It Now" option, I will include US Megaman Battle Network 2 (complete), Megaman X Collection for US Nintendo Gamecube (complete), Megaman Network Transmission for US Gamecube (complete), as well as an additional copy of Megaman in Dr. Wily's Revenge (for Gameboy) and Megaman 2 (for Gameboy). These items are not pictured here because they're still buried somewhere in my closet. I will also look through my game magazine collection for issues of particular interest to a Megaman fan before shipping the lot, should someone "Buy It Now."

Wow, that's quite a load you got thar. But, it get's even better! The auction even has it's own back story:

"I remember, the summer that I was five years old, playing my Nintendo Entertainment System like a madman. My gaming taste had not been refined to the rather,...ecclectic and discerning state you would find it in today. Thus, I would play any game I could get my hands on. I would make frequent trips to the local Movie Gallery (Blockbuster had not yet moved into my neighborhood) and rent whatever caught my eye. My mom said Nintendo Power was too expensive, so I learned of games by word of mouth. Playing a good game was a hit or miss process, and I'm not sure if I'd have even been able to tell you what made a good game to me at the time. It was during this summer, however, that I would make contact with a mascot that would leave an indelible mark on my life.

I remember going to Movie Gallery and renting the first Megaman because of the allure of the box art, which, as most gaming fanatics know, is an eyesore by adult standards. I never really understood the game during that first three day rental, but I did enjoy playing a game that was like Mario that let me select my level and shoot stuff. I re-rented the game a few times that summer, making it to the Robot Masters for the first time. The gameplay mechanic that sold me on this franchise hit me at last: Megaman could use the powers of enemies he had defeated. I never beat all six Robot Masters before returning to school. However, that January, a new video store called Blockbuster had come into town. Its selection of games and movies put Movie Gallery to shame. It was here that I first came in contact with Megaman 2.

This is really where the fascination started to become an obsession. As we all know, Megaman 2 is regarded by most to be the best of the series. Level design was refined, we were given a password system, two more Robot Masters were added to the game, and (in the U.S., at least) we were given a choice of difficulty when starting the game. The following holiday season, I received Megaman 3 as a Christmas gift. This was the first Megaman that I owned. Some older kids from down the street came by to play, and they put in a password that took you to Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily, I should have known! I had no idea that Dr. Wily was going to be the bad guy in this game, as he had "reformed." After the neighbors exhausted all the lives, they cut off the power and refused to share the password.

I remember playing the game every free hour of my 7-year-old life, until one day I made it to Wily. A few days later, I had beaten my first Megaman game. In the following weeks, a rather stout young man appeared in my back yard while I was playing with the neighborhood kids. The conversation turned to the subject of Megaman after learning of a mutual obsession with all things Nintendo.

"Yeah, dude, I have Megaman 3," I bragged.

"Megaman 3?" The boy stepped back with a look of awe on his face. "I didn't even know they had a Megaman 3!"

We ditched the other kids in my back yard, and we went inside to play Megaman 3. My mom made my newfound friend, whose name was Jake, and I go back outside when she saw all the neighborhood kids playing on our swingset with me nowhere in sight. Jake and I agreed to exhange games for a short period of time. My Megaman 3 cart for his Godzilla cart. Godzilla sucked. It took weeks for me to get a hold of Jake and get my game back. However, by then, a friendship for life had been forged. Two of them, to be exact. I had met Jake's younger brother, Joseph, because of mine and Jake's chance encounter. Joseph was my age, and he had become confined to a wheelchair just months prior to our meeting."


For the complete auction, and back story follow the link!


  1. Only 27 games for 3,000!?
    I think he's asking too much :P
    But, then, how much could I ask for my 82 Mega/Rockman games? XD (not that I'm ever selling them >_>)

  2. yea, that's way to high... maybe MAYBE if he had every single one it would be worth it, but I think he's overestimating their value.

  3. I wouldn't pay $500 dollars for all that.

  4. Yeah, I was guessing around $500 - $800 for that set.

  5. Wow.... that sure is a LOT of Rockman/Megaman goodies.


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