Monday, June 30, 2008

Was "The Shadow" the Real Deal?-EDITED

Capcom's own Seth Killian (aka "s-kill") made a comment on Capcom USA's forums concerning the existence of "The Shadow" the supposed "beta tester." Was "The Shadow" a legitimate source? S-kill had this to say:

"While I'm pretty certain about the source of a few Mega Man-related leaks (sorry leaker, given where the information goes, it was obvious), I can say absolutely the Shadow is not a beta tester. Someone who saw the game early, yes, but beta tester is a failed attempt to cover his (yes, his) real identity.

As Sven said, we don't have "beta testers" here. "

Surprised? I'm not, I was fairly certain "The Shadow" had some sort of connection with Capcom, but not a beta tester per se.

Many thanks to "The Shadow" (or whoever you are) for supplying the community with countless RM9 tips. You're efforts will not go unrecognized.

(Article has been edited to correct inaccuracies. My wholehearted apologies to Seth and Capcom.)

Thanks evilshadow for bringing the news to my attention


  1. Did you take that picture just for this post? Or did you get it somewhere? Don't laugh at me if it's the first result on google images. I prefer not to go there... :P

  2. lol, hate to say it but it's like the third image on google when you search "shadow"

  3. No problem, ProtoDude. Its the least I could do, after everyone (including myself) accused him as a liar.

  4. Hi Proto,

    Seth from Capcom here. I am NOT suggesting "the Shadow" is some kind of real source at all. I was just saying there was no beta tester, so whoever leaked that information is lying about that much.

    Since there was a leak, that implies there was some person that leaked the info. If that person was "the Shadow," then I guess that makes "the Shadow" real, but that's not exactly news and it makes this headline sensationalistic and a pretty sad stretch.

    As you know, since we talk, if you have a question, you can just ask me. If you'd prefer to try and manufacture news, however, I guess talking to "Capcom" just gets in the way.

    Hardly a high crime here, but pretty lame man.


  5. Wonder if he's still working there? Wonder if it was a plant? I find the sudden silence now that the official confirm is out quite curious.

  6. ouch, protodude got chewed out by Seth. reminds me of getting in trouble with my mom ~shivers~

  7. He didn't "chew him out". He just corrected him because the title of the article made it look like ProtoDude was implying something different than what I had said. No harm done.

  8. Exactly, no harm done. I merely jumped the gun with the "news."

    I sent an apology over to s-kill along with a quick edit to the article.

  9. Regardless of who The Shadow is, "S-Kill" sounds like it could be a really badass weapon for Mega Man.

    What's the "S" stand for?

    The suspense is killing me.

  10. I dunno, the following sounds kinda harsh to me:

    "If you'd prefer to try and manufacture news, however, I guess talking to "Capcom" just gets in the way."

    "Hardly a high crime here, but pretty lame man. "

    Both of those sound like he was a little annoyed about it, but maybe I'm reading into it too much.

  11. Hey guys,

    I was annoyed, but we hugged and made up. I <3 Proto's blog, but sometimes when rumors get stirred up by a bit of a game of "telephone" people crack down on us (not in a dangerous way, just in a way that stops me from being able to share as much as I'd like, which in the end, ends up staunching the flow of good info).

    Anyway, all is well :)

  12. I say that Seth is actually "the Shadow" (j/k)


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