Monday, June 16, 2008

Ryuusei no Rockman 3 To Be The Last-Maybe

A small blurb on Dengeki indicates that RnR3 could potentially be the last game in the series. This should be no surprise based upon the way Capcom is promoting the game. However, one has to wonder what Capcom will do next after Ryuusei 3. Yet another new series? Or is Capcom returning to Rockman's traditional roots via Rockman 9?


  1. I'm sad that it may be the last of the series if this rumor is true. I'm starting to like the Star Force series and I'd hate to see it end soon.

    However, as long as they continue the Mega Man legacy with the Classic series and beyond, I'll be happy.

  2. No! =( I like this series! I don't want it to end yet! T_T Oh, well. At least it's not the end of the whole RockMan franchise. It's very unlikely, but maybe Capcom will randomly pick RnR up again, like they're doing with the Classic series. Who knows?

  3. Good! So now they can finally go back and work on ZX and classic series as well! CAPCOM give us ZX3 now!! D<

  4. I think it MAY possibly be the last one, but with all the time they've been spending on this last installment, it seems there may be one last hope if this game goes well.

    Who knows, if they ditch it, maybe they might start up EXE again.

  5. "Who knows, if they ditch it, maybe they might start up EXE again."
    Man, I would love that!! XD

    But I don't think this'll be the last game in the series, it might just have a more epic storyline (kinda like EXE3 had Rockman suppousedly dying till after the credits...), still I think we'll see a RnR4 next year, anyway :P

  6. I would love a return to the exe series, however much I may doubt that happening. If ending RnR means bringing back EXE, I'm all for it. However, if not so, I'd like to have RnR go on, along with the classic series. Hey, maybe they'll make a Wii version before it ends...

  7. Whoa, hold the phone... I always hated how Subaru had Warrock's head on his arm... apparently from the link warrock being a wizard removes it! Awesome. Either that... or he just has a fist card or something on... I think what smallified my like of the RnR series is the horrible drawings in the anime. They made him look ugly... but when I see the official game art it's not so bad... cool even.

  8. Capcom is ditching these new series, while trying to come back to the classic ones we all love.

    This has to be the best Megaman news I've seen since the announcement of Megaman X8

  9. I quote The Rules by FlashMan:

    "9) If you don't like it, you'll get a half-dozen sequels
    10) As soon as you start to like it, it's over"

    Thus, RnR3 will actually be awesome and you'll be able to move forward and backward. There's still hope for EXE, though, as "50) Anything that happens after a credits roll never happened at all".

  10. Possibly ending after 3??? Haven't we heard this old one before.... (hint hint EXE3). Would be a touch odd to end it now, but if they continue one with things like Classic and X and DASH, that would be better.

  11. If this is the last RNR game, then good. Megaman needs to take a little break

  12. Glad to read this.

    StarForce is a good franchise, BUT SHOULDN'T HAVE THE ROCKMAN NAME ON IT. BAD MOVE (I understand tho, this project was given initally to a young director).

    But I still wonder how Inafune accepted to put the name MegaMan on it.

    Is the upcoming MM9 an intent from Keiji to clean mistakes from the past? we hope so.



  13. Please people, while I understand you hate Mega Man Star Force, what's your reason? Is it because it just doesn't seem like the Mega Man you usually love? In all honesty, I notice every one of you mostly whines and complains, hell, you even create petitions to get rid of something. Star Force was a pretty good game in my opinion, true it was easy and not as good as Battle Network was, but I am still sick of hearing you people complain about it. I notice this every time a new Mega Man comes into the universe, you people are ALWAYS complaining about it.

  14. You know what I'd love to see? I think it' be cool if Rockman.exe came forward from the past to save the world at the end of the game... possibly even as Cross Fusion Rockman. Maybe you could play as him... Either that or they start the EXE series back up in 3d. :) I hope someone at Capcom sees this. Man the ideas for the EXE series I've had...

  15. ONe thing I don't like about Star Force: "Rockman"
    Rockman was always one PROGRAM.
    War Rock and a wimp combine to make Rockman. TWO people making someone whi isn't a program!

    Original, X, and DASH are all a program in a robtic body.
    EXE is a program.
    Star Force is air waves.
    What's up with that?


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