Monday, July 9, 2012

Archie Teases Mega Man & Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration

USA Today editor Brian Truitt received the above image in an e-mail from Archie Comics. No doubt, a subtle hint of what's to come.

Brian writes: "Hmmm. Just got this in a super-duper top-secret email from @archiecomics. Wonder what this could be about?"

Don't forget, Archie is expected to unveil the "biggest comic book event of the year" at the "Sonic and Mega Man: Video Game Comics Showcase" Comic-Con panel. So... yeah, all of this pretty much speaks for itself.

SDCC kicks off later this week, July 12. We'll have more news on this topic as it hits. In the meantime, feel free to speculate in the comments.

Source: Brian Truitt's Twitter
(Thanks for the tip, Jimb0)


  1. I'm really, really curious about this. In a morbid way.

  2. I'm going to start throwing up now and I don't know when I'll stop.

  3. Eh, I'd be more excited if it was a game.

  4. Why is everyone so upset about this?

    Blue Bomber meets the Blue Blur.

    Both of them smash evil robots.
    Both of them fight a mad scientist.
    Both of them are beloved game characters who have fallen upon hard times.

    This is a crossover that was meant to happen! I've been dreaming about this sort of thing since I was six!

  5. @First two anonymous

    Eat it. Many of us actually want this, and after 20 years of waiting, our two favorite heroes are finally going going to meet. The two of you can go f*** each other out sight and out of mind.


  6. @anons: Haters gonna Hate, Lovers gonna Love. Honestly, you sound like a broken record if anything Megaman related is released and its not a game.
    "Here's some new Music." "Okay, new game please."
    Here's some new figures." "Okay, new game please."
    Here's some demo versions of old games." "Okay, new game please"

    Unless you got something constructive to say, quit copy-pasting the same thing again and again. I am excited as hell for this. Anon2: if you're gonna throw up about this, then go choke on it.

  7. The kid in me is one happy fucker right now.
    Shut up and take my money.

  8. Anybody remember that image of Megaman and Sonic shaking hands, circa the Wily Wars days?

    Kind of funny to think they'll probably do the exact same thing this many years later.

  9. I can only hope it's less embarrassing for everybody than the Sonic crossover they did with Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  10. @Those complaining: You'd have no complaints if it were a crossover game so be quiet.

    This will be good fun. Hopefully it stays out of canon though so they don't have to be too serious/you don't need to understand what's happening in the other comic.

  11. @orgasmicpsyduck

    That was during a different time with a different writer. Thanks to the new current writer, Ian Flynn, the Sonic comics are damn good to read. I have no doubt, without that talentless hack Ken Penders interference, this will be glorious.

    The question is, will this be a single issue, or a mini-series?

  12. Rock-X, you right! It's really boring how fanboys dont understand some things... It's not from capcom but Archie comics, you think Archie comics will make a game for you? No-mature.

    And Sonic, megaman, are the 2 best series for me, the most fun and epic, i think, it's a good idea!
    Sonic has a great gameplay style and musics, as Megaman (but i prefer megaman :p

  13. I DO want a new game, seeing as how Megaman is a videogame franchise, but this is still awesome.

  14. this is horrible, the two universes should not mesh... UH.

  15. Well, this is nice. I am a fan of Sonic as well as Mega Man. Here’s hoping for a TPB! XD

  16. I really hope Archie has Spaziante do the artwork for this if it's true. He's easily the best artist for the job.

  17. Look, if Mario and Sonic can crossover in videogames, I just don't see Megaman and Sonic crossing as that far of a stretch. There are robots in the Sonicverse, and a lot of the personalities are mirror images.

    Awkward, yes.
    A good one-time, Super Special treat? Also yes.

  18. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, and a lot of me feels like I should run out the door screaming. And I still want it.

    But please, stop demanding games from non-game companies. It's like asking a radio station to put a new ride into Disneyland after they broadcast a commercial for Disney. And sure, you're just asking for it in general on this blog because it's convenient, but it's really not doing any good.

  19. I can't believe how many people think this is actually a bad thing. It may not be a game, but come on! It's a SONIC AND MEGA MAN CROSSOVER!! Seriously, have you people become so jaded that you can no longer tell that something is awesome if it hits you in the face?! Or is everyone going to just pretend that the Legends series is the only thing that matters anymore? =/

  20. You know, I really feel like Sonic and Mega Man are two universes that SHOULD cross over. Glad to see it's happening.

  21. It's every sprite comic artist's wet dream given life outside of sprite comics. XD

    I can't help but wonder how this is possibly going to work, given the absolutely random direction Archie took Sonic the Hedgehog.

  22. Futuristic humanoid robot? plausible.

    Talking hedgehog? not plausible by a long shot.

    Maybe archie can get the license to mickey mouse and toss him into the mix too.

  23. @Clown Prince of Crime

    It's a crossover featuring ARCHIE Sonic that is an important distinction as the series has historical been horrible.

    Don't give me that oh it got better at 160 though! When a series is terrible for over ten years straight people aren't going to be fond of it no matter how much it improves.

    This is not rocket science.

  24. @Anon who says "This isn't rocket science"

    But It IS. The comic has done things that should've ended its run, and yet it managed to come back from the bottom of the barrel, fix the melodramatic mess both in the story and behind the scenes at Archie Comics and sustain a fanbase that consists not only of older readers, but new ones whose knowledge of Sonic is to the games, the anime, or none at all. The Comic HAS gotten better, and this is coming from a reader who stopped following the comic twice and didn't read an issue for two and a half years.

  25. Why I hate this crossover :

    -It's only a stupid american comic book

    -I hate sonic since Sonic Adventure

    -THANKS GOD it's not a game

    -Like I said before, Rockman without Inafune is like Genesis without Peter Gabriel : it's two different band who play two kind of music but shares the same name. I prefer the original.

    -I'm a fan of Rockman/Megaman because I like video games, I like video games, not action figures or amateur side-story comic-books. No, I like VIDEO GAMES

    The fanbase should ignore this crap especially after what Capcom did to Rockman recently

    ....and for the people who don't understand that fans want games, just shut up and be happy : we are free to shout that this is CRAP

  26. @4:36 anonymous

    Okay, we get that you hate it. Hating it because it's American is pretty lame though, since by that logic you would hate all Marvel comics and the like too. Hating it because you've hated Sonic since one game is also rather sad because, though most would agree that Sonic games have recently sucked, there have been some better titles in the franchise that you are free to enjoy. And your third reason isn't a reason, it's praise.

    As for it not being by Inafune, it's a totally different company (and even if it were Capcom, they don't have Inafune anymore anyways). It's normal for it to have a different flavor, though I can agree that would turn a lot of people off. But no, the fanbase shouldn't have to ignore this because of Capcom's recent actions. It's a different company, it's the series the people in the fanbase are fans of, and it's interesting to a lot of us. You're free to shout "that this is CRAP" as much as you like. Freedom of speech, I get it. It doesn't mean we want to nor will listen. Just because you will not be satisfied with anything less than a game (by a different company, I repeat again) does not mean that other fans cannot enjoy other merchandise.

    I want a game as much as you do, but that's not stopping me from enjoying the stuff that comes with it. I'm a bit worried about the quality of this, but hopefully Archie will pull through. Crossovers in general make me suspicious, but some end up having the greatest stories.

  27. @Anon of July 10

    I remember Amir the Jackass Mously saying crossovers don't work when I was writing crossover fanfics, yes, I'm a fanfic writer. And Amir flamed one of my stories. He claims it was constructive crtisim, but it was a troll flame.

    Some of my crossover stories have more hits over the past years. This Sonic/MegaMan crossover comic is a good idea.

    Hear that, Amir? What do you think of this now, huh? >:D


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