Monday, March 22, 2010

A Single New Zero Collection Screen

While the flux about Zero Collection news might be slow for the time being, here's a little something to keep your appetites whet. Online retailer Rakuten has gotten a hold of (small) screenshot from the game's Collection Mode (right), and from the looks of it, depicts a menu screen from the Mod Card Collection sub-mode.

As previously reported, the Mod Card Collection mode not only features illustrations from the games, but can also be used in Zero 3 to modify gameplay elements and graphics. The card depicting here is said to alter Zero 3's title screen when activated.

Check out a detailed listing of all of Z3's mod cards here. See the effects of the modification cards in action here.


  1. So its actually going to have the modifier? not just artwork? thats a plus. that alone makes me CONSIDER buying it.

  2. Consider? It's 4 great games in 1, and if the Z3 cards are usable, I'd buy this as soon as it is released in English (if I have enough money :P), and if no content from the originals where removed, like Z2-Z4 mini-games and the EXE enemies in Z3's Cyberspace.

  3. I will buy it if they put the mmbn virii in.


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