Friday, October 2, 2009

Chip Tuned Rockman Hits YouTube

As expected, the denizens of YouTube have gone ahead and uploaded the entire Chip Tuned Rockman soundtrack for all to hear.  A morsel of their efforts, below.

Click here for more!

For the uninitiated, Chip Tuned Rockman is a collection of 20 something songs composed by various chiptune artists. The soundtrack itself is scheduled to release in Japan in a matter of weeks, but advanced copy was sold at the Tokyo Game Show a few days back.

If you like what you heard, I advise you go ahead and purchase the CD when it becomes available online. Usually, Play Asia is your best bet when it comes soundtracks, but you can't go wrong with Cocoebiz either. Or Ebay.

Chip Tuned Rockman releases October 15th for 3,000 Yen (roughly $33 US).


  1. Hmm... To be honest, it's a mixed bag. Some have really long intros that totally kill the songs like Blizzard Man and Mega Water S/Wily Stage 4 (aside from the unnecessarily long intros, they were good) and Tornado Man's song was totally mangled and butchered. However Cut Man, Fire Man, R&F Intro Stage, and Slash Man were really good.

  2. I'm really digging this album. Should have picked one up while I was at TGS but I couldn't find any at the Capcom Store.

  3. GREAT.

    Now I want a Roll Stage.
    In the streets of a city, if you want to match to the lyrics.

  4. - The compilation has a few cool tunes, but most of them I'm unable to keep listening like after 1:30. Most songs are not really songs, but a broken thing with a stupid re-re-remix+sound effects and distortions.

    - Final veredict: 4 of 10.
    - Worst track: Tornado Man, as "usually it is".

  5. Gravityman's remix has not yet been uploaded (as of this posting) but I think it's the only one the uploader missed.

    These tracks are fun.

  6. @Fabiano: God yes, that's exactly how I felt about most of the songs.

    Also, I think Groundman's theme hasn't been uploaded yet.

  7. Oh never mind, I just found Groundman's stage remix. It's pretty good.

  8. Really thanks ! you make my day. ;D greetings from Tijuana - Mexico.

  9. The best one out of this collection has got to be Cutman's theme.

  10. Oh great, more people stealing the album!

  11. Just started listening, and so far it sounds really good! Although I'm pretty sure that a number of people won't like it, because it would sound too different from the original. >_>

    Also, I'm pretty sure it won't be long before this stuff gets deleted.

  12. REMOVED! Capcom busted down on them it seems. Is that a first..?


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