Saturday, April 17, 2021

Six Additional Mega Man Prototypes Released: X4, X5, X6, B&C and Legends 1, 2

Hidden Palace's Project Deluge continues with the release of 372 unreleased, prototype and pre-release PlayStation, Sega Saturn and CD-i games! Among the new batch are six never-before-released Mega Man builds. They are... 

  • Rockman X5 (PlayStation, July 28, 2000) -- this one is VERY special. Built three months before retail, it includes SEVERAL placeholder cutscenes including some drawn in MS-Paint! Other oddities include unfinished graphics, animations and alternate designs like Sigma's final form. Debug features are completely intact, too!
  • Mega Man X6 (October 30, 2001) -- Nothing too significant here. It's either an intermediate localization or review build. Nearly identical to the final, U.S version. No differences spotted so far.
  •  Rockman: Battle & Chase (January 8, 1997) We've NEVER seen a Battle & Chase prototype before -- it's the first! This one includes an alternate title screen and several alternate or unused assets. This one hasn't been fully explored yet, FYI.
  • Mega Man Legends (May 13, 1998) -- Built just a few short months before the final U.S build was mastered, it features no significant differences. Data is still being combed through, but anything different won't be hugely unique. The title screen is slightly different.
  •  Mega Man Legends 2 (September 7, 2000) -- Much like MML1, this build is pretty much final. It was compiled a mere five days before the game hit U.S retail. It's a review copy; no differences.


That's that for now. Out of all six, the X4, X5 and B&C are the most significant that warrant further research. You can download these builds from the links above!

For more from Project Deluge, hit up Hidden Palace Zone!


  1. X looks like he's gonna chomp!

  2. Always great to see more Rockman prototypes and whatnot!

  3. Well, if X6 has a prototype (which is a miracle, ho-ho), then X7 also should have it, right?

    I feel like I'm the only person who want to see X7's prototype, not gonna lie...

    1. I approve of this motion as well. I want to see that cut area in the cyberspace level as well as play as X in the opening stage. X1 and X7 are the only ones that don't have any prototypes dumped yet.

    2. Wait, there was a cut area in Cyberspace Stage?
      May I have a link if it was documented somehow?

    3. Here, you can see a bit of it at 0:24:
      This trailer is also in the legacy collection games in the trailer section.

  4. These are great finds!

    Now for some X1 prototypes...

  5. Ah yes. Keep combing that Data. We don't want unshiveled fur on our favourite dancing monkey.

  6. Maybe the final release of X6 was the prototype build all along. :P

  7. I just imagined all the cutscenes in MS Paint and I burst out laughing. XD

  8. Thank you. Thats all I can say. Good work.

  9. Got all 4 parts in the X5 proto and managed to destroy the colony first shot. I wonder if it was meant to work like that every time you got all the parts but they screwed that up somehow. No dialogue for the Zero Area cutscene which lasts like a second because of it nor the ending. It just plays like a normal slideshow. No X vs Zero post fight cutscene. No capsule in Zero Stage 3.


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