Monday, April 19, 2021

Rockman X DiVE's Repliforce Event Brings Playable Colonel

Previously a boss for the Valentine's Day event, Colonel will become a playable character this Wednesday when the "Trial from the Supreme Commander" event goes live!

Find all the details after the break!


Colonel's first active skill is Blinking Slash, which performs a quick charging slash at the target. During the movement, he is invulnerable. In PVP, the skill will teleport him to the target's location. It's pretty much a carbon copy of ProtoMan.EXE's Step Sword.

His second active skill is Huge Shockwave which creates a huge shockwave that ignores terrain and causes damage to all targets in his path. 

One of his Passive Skills will grant you the chance to cause confusion when hitting a player with Huge Shockwave. This will temporarily disable disable Auto-Aim.

Colonel will share the banner with the S Rank saber Icicle Fang which is based on Mega Man X4's Maverick Frost Walrus design and the A Rank saber Replisaber.

The event Trial from the Supreme Commander begins this Wednesday through May 4th. It will be a jam-packed event for any Repliforce fan out there. Colonel, the Replisaber, the Reploid Air Force stage, and General as a boss!

Next week the event continues! Will it bring something more related to the Repliforce? Stay tuned!


  1. And there it is. Funny Energy Breaker Robot joins the fight for real this time.

  2. That's just what PvP needed. More insta-teleport damage dealers.

  3. Iris and her brother reunited at last.

  4. Now we just need Double to round out the X4 representation...

  5. The Colonel is a very good character.. but not in _ megaman X dive _ unfortunately 😔


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