Thursday, April 1, 2021

Cause Mischief with "Bad Mega Man Volnutt" in Rockman X DiVE's April Fools' Day Event

The first characters from the Mega Man Legends series hit Rockman X DiVE way back in September 2020 with the Air Pirate Servbot event. Now, the next round of Legends characters are here just in time to celebrate April Fools' Day. Is this a joke? It certainly isn't! You can find all the details after the break!

The gacha banner with Mega Man Volnutt Alt. (S rank) and the weapon Howling Storm (S rank) is already live through April 07 at 15:59 (UTC+8). Let's check Mega Man Volnutt Alt. skills first!

Vending Machine Breaker

Boot away a vending machine to deal 213.75% damage to the target; the vending machine will leave behind a nutritional supplement. Use it to recover HP equal to 12.5% of your attack.

  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.
  • Sedative: Gain invincibility after drinking the supplement and receive no damage.
  • Stimulant: Drinking the supplement will give you Enhanced CRI and increase CRIR by 102.6%


Eliminating Witnesses

Inflicts 168.20% attack damage to targets within range, and rendering the targets immobile.

  • Power Increase: Increase damage rate by 12% but your chance of triggering immobility on targets is greatly reduced.
  • Full Discharge: Increase damage rate by 130% but reduce the number of uses by 1.
  • Removing Evidence: Increase the number of uses by 1.

Passive Skills     

Prank: Gain enhanced CRI damage once every 6 seconds and increase CRI damage by 10.5%; can be stacked up to 10 stacks.

Detonation: When the vending machine hits a target, deal area damage instead.

Nice Shoot: When using Vending Machine Breaker, the kick will also deal damage.

Improved Formula: Increase the recovery from nutritional supplement by 40% and randomly remove one debuff on you.

Notorious: Reduce the activation time for Prank by 30% and increase the number of stacks by 3.

By playing the "Maleficent Hero" event, you will obtain coupons that can be exchanged in the shop for various things. Without a doubt, though, the most important are the memories necessary to unlock the B rank character, Servbot. Let's check out his skills!

Enjoying Curry

Enjoy delicious curry and restore own HP by 12.8% attack and gain a protective shield     

  • Recovery Boost: Enhance the recovery by 25%
  • Shield enhancement: Increases the damage mitigation capacity by the shield's 25%.
  • Mobility: Reduce preparation time by 20%.


Summon Servbot

Randomly summon Servbot to attack target in front of you     

  • Bomb Servbot: Greatly increase the chance to summon Bomb Servbot. Bomb Servbots will charge forward with a bomb to deal damage to all targets within range
  • Suicidal Servbot: Greatly increase the chance to summon Suicidal Servbot. Suicidal Servbots will cling on to the target tightly to cause damage and immobility.
  • Giant Servbot: Greatly increase the chance to summon Giant Servbot. Giant Servbot will move forward while swinging its massive hammer to deal damage over time to all targets in range


Passive Skills

Jack of all Trades: When HP is 75% or higher, reduce damage taken by 20%.

Secret Seasoning: When enjoying curry, there is a chance to gain enhanced damage state, increasing damage by 32%

Support Request: Has a chance to render Summon Servbot usable when taking hit.

The Maleficent Hero event is a new take on these kind of events. Here, there are no online rankings or even a boss. Instead, your goal is to make the "notoriety gauge" rise as much as you can by collecting money and briefcases. As you can guess, the goal is to make your character as dark as possible by doing "bad" things. These include stealing money by destroying cars, vending machines and crates. It's a fair representation of the notoriety system from the Legends games.

When the timer is over, it's end game and you will get one, two or three completion start depending of how much notoriety you have accumulated. As always, the more completion stars the more coupons you will get.

Although with this update, Request from Eddie returns, a 4pickup banner is available, the new ranked match season started, and new items have been added to the store. For additional details, head to the official website.

Lastly, during the event stage, Roll Caskett makes a brief appearance! Will she join the Deep Log soon? Stay tuned!


  1. ... I was skeptical after last year's "Area W"...
    But this seems pretty cool!

  2. Evil volnutt looks like protoman and i love ittttttt

  3. … wait, this game has an English version?! Which region?! I had no idea, this whole time! Dang it…!

    1. It's not perfect English. But it's been English for a LOONG while?
      Download the APK from the english site:
      (Link's at the bottom, large button that says DOWNLOAD APK)

      Or here's a direct link, assuming it keeps working:

    2. Wh– they encourage people to download the APK?! What surreal universe do we live in where they just…

      Capcom Taiwan, you're awesome!

  4. Bad Volnutt should be added to Crossing Void as a guest character, his vending machine abuse makes him a perfect fit lol.


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