Monday, April 5, 2021

Roll Caskett Joins the Rockman X DiVE Roster

It's Digger season in Rockman X DiVE! If last week's April Fools' Day event wasn't enough for you, the Air Pirate Servbot event is back this work for a rerun... and brings none other than Roll Caskett with it!

Find all the details after the break!

After her appearance in the Maleficent Hero stage event last week. This Wednesday, she will be joining the rest of the Legends Series cast already available in the game: Mega Man Volnutt, Tron, Bad Mega Man Volnutt and the little Servbot.

She is an S rank character that you can obtain via the gacha. Her active skills are Throw Wrench which throws a wrench to inflict damage and weaken the target defenses and Hunter Seeker which automatically lock on to enemy and provides support fire.

One of her passive skills allows her to recover 100% HP when HP is bellow 50% but can only be activated once per stage.

The limited weapon Jet Vortex Buster based on the design of Mega Man ZX Pseudoroid Leganchor the Gelroid will be available through via the gacha banner, too.

Although Roll Caskett joining the roster may not come as a big surprise, she is certainly a fan-favorite among the different Roll incarnations. Let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Another welcome edition to the roster.

  2. If you have to put in another waifu at least put one that has even a wiff of battle ability in her bones or anything. Sera... Heck Roll's mom even. Ok you can stretch it with Ciel since cyber elves but what's Roll gonna do? chuck a wrench at you?... By god... she's chucking wrenches... I said that as a joke...

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    2. All the character in this game are data, not the actual characters. So even character who could'nt be playable in their home serie/ aren't fighter can be playable. and hence why you have characters who don't exist in the same time or even in the same world can all appear. That's kinda the whole point.
      As for the waifu thing, i'm the first one to complain about misplaced fanservice, but Roll is one of the maon character in Dash, and many player requested her when the devs only added Volnutt and Tron in september. It make sense that they would add her when they decide to include more representation for this serie. It's not like they just added a random minor character who hapened to be cute/sexy.

    3. @Anon4:10pm: I get what you are saying but it still doesn't make sense. I understand that this is a dream roster, non-canon and has a convenient plot device to explain its scenarios but that only takes the logic so far on a sensible level. I'm not even going to argue what X DiVE is intended to be cause at this point in terms of appeal its just I don't even know, selling anything as a gotcha as long as it does that, I guess. However if it operated on the integrity of the Rockman (X) general appeal and legacy, the whole plot device and character roster dream match playable thing would be so that badass Reploids that have conflicting or an unknown status can all be in action including dead Mavericks, odd canons (like Command Mission) and even crossover series characters like Classic and such. What it is, is clearly not that tho, but that is neither here nor there what I am saying isn't exactly news.

      However even tho it isn't what I believe is a good non-canon thing in spirit with Rockman and is actually more of a superficial typical gatcha thing, it is really starting to jump the shark and become blatantly the later.

      Two things I wanna address you saying before I shutup tho, 1. Companies don't always have to listen to "fans", certain things just have to have integrity, taking in any conflicting fan request can easily corrupt a series of established works especially in modern days. 2. Roll is clearly "fanservice" (in this context) you'd have to be naive not to think this and no I don't mean fan service I mean the same type of "fanservice" you mean. Not all cute and sexy things involve panties and big boobs, sometimes just having anime cute face, and some suggestive albeit (originally) unintentional clothing and poses is enough. If you think I am making up BS, ask yourself if Roll had slightly baggier and longer shorts and everything about her stayed EXACTLY the same EXCEPT she was just some dude (as in teenage male human) that just helped Volnutt out as a driver and mechanic, so change nothing about Roll's design (except take away any female features like voice and if she has them breasts and stuff), do you think she has any, ANY chance of out classing let's say Teisel in terms of character popularity and demand? The answer you come up with I think is valuable in assessing the situation.

    4. Boy, if Dash/Legends Roll is this hated no wonder we couldn't get a certain someone off the Moon.

    5. well fans can be the worse thing people screaming for example legends 3 (mostly likely as screaming a meme than give a dam about the game) u cant even have roll(dash) in a wat ever phone cross-over... getting triggered over this

    6. Boy people are weird, you talk about Roll Caskett fighting Ultimate Armor X being stupid in a digital dream match scenario and people get in their feelings about the Mega Man Legends series.

      The first comment even suggested other Mega Man Legends characters as more sensible alternatives, but sure lets make this about Roll/Legends hate, as if there was any comment like this for Tron or Volnutt being in the game and not nothing but praise and rejoice.

      I don't think this, but if you think Roll Caskett is such an important fighting machine to fill out the MML roster, than maybe MML needs more appealing battle characters instead of scrapping the bottom of the barrel for extreme out of character what ifs that make absolutely no sense. Just a thought.

    7. @anonymous 10:40AM: Which really baffles me, because I always thought Legends Roll was beloved by many. I mean, I enjoyed her character a lot...but I also loved legends so much that I really didn’t hate anyone lol

      @anonymous 10:32PM: I had no idea it was like that, I myself will be a tad cheeky and occasionally ask on the Megaman twitter when our boy Volnutt is getting off the moon. Yet It’s sad if people are yelling out for Legends 3 as a meme rather than actually wanting the game, it only makes our case harder for those legitimately wanting this series to be revived.

    8. @GearZ: Roll is beloved by many including myself (I'm Anon 10:40) I never suggested otherwise. I just don't think she fits (as a playable fighting character) here outside of being the type of fanservice these type of games are known for. I don't know why you got the impression I was saying Roll was not beloved by many.

    9. Its a GAME. You can play as a tiny Servbot that can summon a giant Servbot. You can play as an "Evil" Vulnutt that kicks Soda Dispensers at foes. In X8 you can play as the Operators despite them having showing no combat prowess in the past. ZX Advent has "Model a". Note the lowercase "a" and not the default "Model A".

      There are COUNTLESS games where there are characters that are considered "joke" or "inappropriate" compared to the rest of the roster. (Jigglypuff from Smash Bros? Dan from Street Fighter? I could make a list or you could just look up "Joke Character on TVTropes...)

      Sure there could be "better candidates" that are better at fighting and stuff, but Roll herself next to Vulnutt is one of THE most important characters in the series. Let her have her fun throwing wrenches and next time maybe the next legends character will be "Rolls Mom".

    10. @:supergeno128ds: "It's a game". What a LAME cop out. That excuse can be used to excuse any piece of entertainment for any lack of integrity, consistency or any number of bad things. What terrible logic... and its that mindset that insures nothing has standards outside of arbitrary fan outcry being pandered to (well not always but it is a starting trend). Which is why companies don't even know what to do half the time pandering to all these audiences CLEARLY conflicting with what is established in long running canonical works, using lame excuses like "its a game" to validate any wacky rando thing.

      X8 devs didn't create a roster of playable navigators tho, they created navigators then as a non story scripted extra just for the novelty of cosmetics, superimposed the gameplay of the playble Maverick Hunters onto the respective corresponding navigator models. But that is why we can't have nice things, fans took that inch to justify the mile that Alia has the same fighting ability as X, therefor should be playable and integrated into the story of fighting characters hence forth. BTW just as an aside, even if it is a stretch to say navigators have fighting prowess, they would clearly fair better against Mavericks than Roll Caskett,since they are robots, highly advanced ones at that. Out of character and bad story telling, yes, that is a granted, but Capcom never presented it that way, it was always clearly just a fun HIDDEN game mode as a neat little cosmetic extra.

      Same can be said for Model a, you didn't need to specify the lowercase I'm a pretty big Mega Man fan. But yes it was a hidden gameplay mode that reused assets from another hidden minigame. To be frank it still makes more sense because even then it is just an art style difference, so it's still Model A just an 8-bit rep of it.

      A joke character? Is that what Roll is? Gimme a break man... At least stop conflating and call a spade a spade. Your examples are INCREDIBLY off base btw. A Servbot is a joke as far as being able to compete in battle verses competent Mega Man fighting characters but that is the joke about them, not that it is waaaaaaay out of the ordinary for them to fight in the first place. Evil Volnutt is an actual thing, it exists in the games and his kicks can DESTROY bots, in fact Mega Man in general having powerful kicks that cause catastrophic damages is iconic to the franchise's lore. Not only this but you do realize "Evil Volnutt" and regular Volnutt are the exact same character right? Evil is just what they've decided to add to regular Volnutt's name when he decides to make a series of evil decisions, and in case you didn't know Trigger is on of if not THE MOST POWERFUL FIGHTING MACHINES IN THE ENTIRE VERSE SO FAR. He was EXPLICITLY designed to BATTLE, yes Volnutt is a reset of Trigger but he presumably is even stronger since he is clearly able to destroy Juno, Sera and such without even minimal damage after the fact, in fact outside of traps no one in Mega Man Legends can even contest the guy, he cleanly beats everyone who challenges him free. He is like the worst example you could have chose outside of maybe Zero, even X would have been a better example since he actually wasn't designed for the practical sole purpose of fighting and destroying.------

    11. --- Dan is such a garbage example too not only does he have deep connections of being a playable fighting game character as a jab to Ryo and Robert and the fact that he serves as a handicap mode, he also has deep lore as to being a fighter in general SF storyline. In case you didn't know his father Go Hibiki was a competent martial artist and somewhere along the line fought Sagat while Sagat was working for Shadaloo presumably as an assassin or strong arm. Go fought for his life ripping Sagat's right eye out and caused Sagat to go into a rage and kill him. Dan then took it upon himself to seek revenge on Sagat by beating him in battle. Long story short(er) he succeeded but was unsatisfied with revenge then strove to open a Dojo to pass down his father's legacy and the lessens he learned as a fighter himself. To get recruits he has to prove his style is effective but he also has character flaws like being pompous, over eager and confident. He is clearly a competent fighter tho, just looking at him physically he is shredded and can even generate ki blasts even substantial ones like the IVth variant of the Shinkuu Gadoken, it's just that by comparison he is fighting pretty much demigods in the main Street Fighter cast. Cops in the main Street Fighter canon can't even contest main SF characters with guns (look up Peter Zonta) but Dan could easily mess up your average everyday human fighter and as time went on he even became competent in gameplay as well, clearly evident by his SFIV/V self. This has always been Dan so no it is not random that he is part of the SF roster of playable characters, it's not like he is this well established janitor or something that never fought a day and randomly became a playable character just doing janitor things like mopping the floor with characters to death or something, with nothing showing that evolution. Mind you even that would make more sense since Roll is in the context of X, Zero, Sigma and such, characters that are freaks even by super fighting robot standards, so yeah I'm gonna roll the dice and say Dan makes more sense in SF as a playable fighter aesthetically, thematically and such.

      Jigglypuff is a Pokemon that in itself invalidates that comparison but either way Smash is not a part of anything's canon or even vaguely connected to individual franchises' lore in any meaningful way. Like was said before the bait of X DiVE is the branding of Rockman X to use the general appeal of Rockman X to create a dream roster setting for their gacha crap. They've branched out since then but that to me was the clear hook. That was never the impression I got from Smash, I always was under the impression that Smash wasn't representative of the brands it hosted at all actually early on I thought Smash parodied them if anything, like for example Mario can be serious and competitive but he is generally fun loving and cheery, but in Smash he turns into Street Fighter's Ryu the only way I know he is the same lovable guy is cause of his design and voice lines (but TBH Mario has no set standard he is pretty random in and of himself). It's only more recently that I think of Smash as a celebration of gaming. but nevermind that for now EVEN IN SMASH it's hard to think of a character in the roster without any fighting merit. You didn't name one with Jiggly but I can think of maybe 4, two from Animal Crossing (for marketing and I will always call it out for that), DuckHunt (for Nostalgia), and Wii Fit Trainer (cause f you Golden Sun, Custom Robo, Advanced Wars, Star Tropics etc etc let me flex my 22million unit sales in your face). And that's Smash a super non lore connecting party brawler, massive franchise spanning crossover with over 85 gotdang characters playable. How is it possible that it has more cohesion with logical cast members than X DiVE? That in itself is alarming.

    12. (continuation of previous response) No, maybe next time I don't want Roll's mom, maybe next time give me Epsilon, Dynamo, Double, Serges, Zain, Gareth, Dragoon, High Max, Red, Shadow, Gate, Scarface, Berkana or any of the other bunch of badass X fighting machines. Heck give me Signas (no reference material, but at least he's described to be a fierce fighter). Why in the heck would I wanna mess around with Roll's basic looking butt mom before any of those other characters?

    13. The whole "competent fighter" argument is baseless. You argue about how Roll couldn't outclass Teisel, but in this world, either character can be killed by a Metool or equivalent. It's about the pip damage. Always has been. Any, and I mean ANY, character is valid.

    14. @6:18 anon: While I'm not against Mike Jones in a SSB game, I highly doubt he'll make it in because the game was made (thanks to Genyo Takeda) but not released in Japan. He'd make a great echo fighter of Ness - I've always thought as such - but the chances of it happening are slim to nil.

    15. @shrap: You are misrepresenting my argument, I never said Teisel can out class Roll in terms of being a competent fighter (he can but) that comment was in reference to Roll's gender being a contributing factor to her popularity as I believe Teisel without that handicap (in this context) is more charismatic and personable and generally active and gives a lot of life to the series. I believe if Roll was just a dude but everything else stayed the same, she wouldn't even touch Teisel in terms of character, that is what I think but we will never know.

      As for the power creep stuff, you are misrepresenting or not understanding my argument AT ALL. I already conceded from the very beginning that anything IS POSSIBLE not because of some Mettool but by virtue of everything taking place in a hypothetical cyber world. That was never my argument, my argument was from an optics and intention perspective.

      I am not saying it is an equal playing field I am saying outside of the in verse Roll is not known for combat, especially in the way she is represented. It is outrageously out of character, theme etc. Teisel Bonne while not the most competent fighter and is more comic relief at the end of the day IS known to go into battle and be combative often, HE is the one actually analogous to Dan, it's not much of a stretch to make him fight AS comic relief. The other guy tho tried to put Roll on the same lane and I had to shut that down cause Roll is CLEARLY not meant to be that OBVIOUSLY. So just call it like it is. NEVER ONCE DID I EVER SAY ROLL CASKETT COULD NOT BE REPRESENTED AS A FIGHTER, EVER, NOT ONCE, cause that would be ludicrous since it is fiction.. My entire argument was that the logic for doing so was clearly not inspired by the history of the character, how integral she is to the franchise (cause if that were the case freaken Dr. Light/or Wily would be playable by now), or her being comic relief. People should at least have the courtesy to be honest and call it like it is.

    16. Jeezus I'm sorry I said anything. People can be so hostile.

  3. "Robot Roll" is still best Roll, to me…
    … but "Mechanic Roll" is a pretty cool, too. Heh heh.
    (Now, all we need is "Data Roll," and the trinity will be united, at last~)


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