Sunday, April 11, 2021

"Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters" Artbook Delayed to June

The much-anticipated "Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters" artbook was supposed to hit shelves in Japan this month. However, according to Fukkan, that's no longer be the case. The book's pre-order page now shows a new, unspecified June release date. 

Although publisher Shufunotomo hasn't outright confirmed the delay, the radio silence on their end since January speaks volumes. It's a small delay so hopefully everything will be ready to go soon!

For the uninitiated, the artbook is a compilation of pieces drawn for the Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka art exhibit that ran between October 2020 and February 2021. The 112-page tome features extensive coverage of the exhibit, rare and conceptual illustrations and unused manuscripts from Tezuka-san himself. Unfortunately it's only for sale from Fukkan... and they don't ship outside of Japan. If you really want it, though, you can try securing a copy from a proxy like CDJapan

I'm holding out for an official English localization, personally. Nevertheless, bring on June!


  1. After a year, i have gotten used to stuff beig delayed, by noW. If anything that one is a small delays compared to some other books i have ordered.

  2. By hook or crook, I will find a way to obtain this most delicious art book.


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