Monday, April 26, 2021

Rockman X DiVE - "Iris -another-" Joins the Deep Log

Iris -another- was first introduced during the previous week's "Trial From The Supreme Commander" event stage. And in the coming days, she'll be playable!

Find all the details after the break!

Her first active skill is Lightning Flash which unleashes a powerful thrust to damage targets in range. Her second skill is Counter Stance where she takes a counter stance to become invulnerable for 3 seconds. When the stance ends, she can perform a powerful slash.

One of her passive skills will allow her to recover HP every time Counter Stance is activated.

Iris -another- will be available starting this Wednesday through May 5th as part of the 11th DiVE Festival gacha banner. Let us now if you will be trying to get her in the comments!


  1. Ugh, I'm just not into this kind of stuff. I wish they just made a new OC rather than shoehorning an edgy playable Iris. That said, I'm the guy who keeps complaining that the game hasn't made it onto the NA App Store yet, so I guess I don't get a say in the matter.

    1. From what I understand (and please correct me if I am mistaken), the whole idea of "splitting Iris and Colonel into two separate Reploids instead of fusing them into a single Reploid" is actually canon to MMX. So in that regard, I don't really mind this idea because it's following up on something that is actually part of the lore. It's a heck of a lot better than ViA, who IMO is straight-up "DeviantArt recolor Dylan the Hedgehog Do Not Steal"-tier.

    2. I feel the same way about ViA. Fans have made OCs with more creativity than a recolored Zero.

    3. It's not even a good palette swap, either, imo.

    4. @TAG: It is not canon at all (I mean this specifically, not the back story) and even if it was Colonal would have CLEARLY been mostly the base NOT Iris, there would be no reason to split Iris in terms of body frame it would have been just like the Battle Network story. it makes waaaay more sense that a Colonel type model was too conflicting and scientists had to redesign HIS battle frame to accommodate peace loving. If it were the reverse like this suggests all they would have to do is KEEP Iris's design save for the battle type personality.

      It absolutely makes no sense otherwise, since there is nothing this Iris' frame has that is especially different in design to regular Iris in terms of combat except the light saber (the official Iris even seems to have more armor). Whereas Colonel being effected by peace loving A.I would be visually on a body build level ambiguous and the split of that character trait into an "all peace loving" model would be more pronounced visually since you wouldn't need all that battle detail on the core body frame.

      TLDR: It's much more logical to assume some of Colonel got repurposed into Iris (body design wise) when they saw his design conflict, than the other way around. This is clearly just fanservice (specifically) for Iris fans (not Mega Man lore buffs)and waifu bait.

    5. @Mark Havoc
      " It is not canon at all (I mean this specifically, not the back story) "
      In the way he actually said it is canon, though.

      " and even if it was Colonal would have CLEARLY been mostly the base NOT Iris"

      "it makes waaaay more sense that a "

      "It absolutely makes no sense otherwise, since there is nothing this Iris' frame has that is especially different in design to regular Iris in terms of combat except the light saber (the official Iris even seems to have more armor)."
      1.Not absolutely.
      2.There are clear physical differences between Iris -another- and regular Iris.

      " It's much more logical to assume..."
      Not really.

      "This is clearly just fanservice (specifically) for Iris fans (not Mega Man lore buffs)"
      It can be for both.

      "and waifu bait."
      Yes, it is a gacha.

    6. @LSC_SBet

      I am Mark Havoc I just don't want to log in from where I am.

      "In the way he actually said it is canon, though."

      Canon to what? There was never EVEN IN THIS GAME a Reploid called Iris another, or a successful project from Repliforce combining aspects of love peace and fighting for the "prefect Reploid". Do you understand that all the scenarios that happen in X DiVE even if canon take place in a virtual alternate reality? Even in-universe the original story-line doesn't canonize Iris another BECAUSE REPLIFORCE NEVER MADE IT and this Iris technically still doesn't exist in the same way as the original story thus not even validating the reality even through that, her very existence is metaphorical. There is no canon to draw from. This is what I meant from the statement. In fact it is a hypothetical antithesis of the original canon because without it Colonel would never have even existed since the failure of the project (implied by the existence of Iris another) produced him. Which is obvious but I feel like you are not understanding that. Also just to be technical, it was never specified if Reploids were ever even develped to fuse together, it is stated that there was one that couldn't work so the ideas drawn from that one resulted in the creation of the two.

      " and even if it was Colonal would have CLEARLY been mostly the base NOT Iris"
      Yes. Well, there is a caveat, you have to have a certain bare minimum level of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and such. I guess in a case where a person doesn't then technically "no", but otherwise yes.

      "1.Not absolutely."

      Yes absolutely, well unless intelligence, knowledge, wisdom is lacking and such.

      "2.There are clear physical differences between Iris -another- and regular Iris."



      Let me not be a jerk tho, what I mean is if she has extra horsepower or something like that it is not made evident in the "-another-" design.

      Anyway, not especially in terms of body frame in relation to combat with exception of the one weapon I mentioned that may or may not have a physical connection to her body.

      " It's much more logical to assume..."
      "Not really."

      Really. No caveat, it just simply is. I don't think that is debatable. On a logistical scale why (and please answer me honestly and not with a shallow "no" "not really" type response) would scientists by default try to create the perfect fighting Reploid with a sense of peace and love (like X by definition), but only after having judged a personality trait being incompatible with that design realize that the fighting Reploid needs to be 3x the size? If they where trying to build the prefect fighting machine why would a personality trait effect their physical design so drastically. If they were operating under the mindset the they were building the perfect fighting machine from the start why would that be the thing they overhaul because of incompatible A.I especially in a world filled with examples of fighting machines? (*I reiterate for clearity) Does that make any logical sense?

      "This is clearly just fanservice (specifically) for Iris fans (not Mega Man lore buffs)"
      "It can be for both."

      But it's not in my belief, that is why I specified the not Mega Man lore part.

      "and waifu bait."
      "Yes, it is a gacha."

      True but, it's unfortunate that this is occurring with Mega Man as a brand, something that for virtually all its existence has managed to mostly avoid that even when going mobile. Oh well everything has its time to succumb to worldly affairs.

    7. Coming from someone who can't stand X DiVE outside of the art, why are we trying to apply logic to Mega Man? Seriously. There is no logic in ANYTHING in Mega Man. There is not a single robots design or backstory that is logical.

      Why make a robot, presumably made of metal, with ginormous feet? First corollary, how the hell does Zero run with boots like that? It must be amusing to watch him waddle back and forth. Why make a robot that is nothing but an eye with suction cups? Why make a walking hard hat? Why make airplanes resemble fish? Why do people keep building robots who turn on them and destroy everything every few years? Why does X have white hands?

      Don't apply logic to this franchise if you want anything out of it. You will spin yourself into all kinds of circles until you realize it's all nonsense.

      Regarding Iris -another-.... I hate her hair. Its just too Something about Mary for me.

    8. Now that you mention it, I can't imagine how slow Sigma would realistically be with his bulk.

    9. I sort of agree. But there is a level of logic to Mega Man, not EVERYTHING is illogical, that would make it totally abstract and foreign. I wouldn't even be able to relate to something like that.

      "There is not a single robots design or backstory that is logical."

      I simply disagree. I think Rock and Roll are perfectly logical for example. Mega Man's (as in the character) logic is dictated by game logic but generally has a straight line of reasoning. Like for example we don't know why he is "able" to teleport once in a while but seemingly doesn't use it to his advantage in other places (this was done because of game logic) but the conflict can be reasonably assessed and resolved in my head simply because robots in that universe and Mega Man himself don't just willy nilly use that sort of teleportation at random and because of this I am able to logically assume it is not fully in their control and when it is it warrants special explanation. Basically what I am saying is things don't have to logically line up with real world logic 1:1 but generally have to follow a line of logic established by their universe with real world relatable logic filling in the gaps, which is to say unless otherwise established as their world's logic.

      I don't question seemingly impractical aesthetic designs because the universe has taught/conditioned me not to, but that doesn't mean I am to through out other forms of logic entirely. That said if there were to be a hypothetical vessel created that is suppose to go warp speed, you wouldn't really need to explain that in-universe to me, but if it is stated that it failed then another was create with nearly the exact same visual appearance which succeeded, then I'm gonna need a little explanation. I will say what is the difference? Couldn't they just re-purpose the old one? Why is this even a story beat in the first place? Stuff like this, cause the story presented it to me as if it wants me to specifically pay attention to the logistics of warp tech and that particular ship's design, something I would otherwise credit to that universe's science as a given and not have another think about because since I am accustom to that sort of thing within that world.

    10. That said just for giggles I want to address your specific examples.

      "Why make a robot, presumably made of metal, with ginormous feet?"

      I suppose they are giant relatively speaking but they actually (you'd be surprised) don't reach the level of impracticality you ascribe to them. I know this cause of the figures and articulated models I own and witness people pose and practice/create actions with. In fact out of all my figures Mega Man ones are the most practical to do action poses with, it's almost as if Capcom artist explicitly designed them with that in mind since I can recreate (basic) action poses without assistance from other objects more easily, that match really we'll to the actions displayed in their visual media forms (game's, anime, art etc). In universe my head canon is, it is designed that way to incorporate booster tech while having room to work, like a PC case, since typically lower legs are very compact. I think their design principles lean toward the base of the legs being the one doing most of the high impact workload thus the modular focus. I also feel like it's purely aesthetic and just to look unique and cool for us but in universe a lot more discrete. Basically a disconnect between what we see and how things are. I won't know that till I see X9 and if I see X and gang revert to their general designs and determine if that is an in-universe change or artstyle shift.

      "Why make a robot that is nothing but an eye with suction cups?"

      Peterchy: Was created as a reconnaissance robot that can maneuver through high geometry grounded areas. It's Giant eye is a camera. Its legs are designed to mount climb and descend on terrain at a assuming cheap cost to produce.

      Mets actually evolved design wise, they were originally goofy looking stationary underground cameras with an aesthetic resemblance to Guts Man, as show pieces to that system of construction work. They upgraded to walking when people found more uses for their simple design. My head canon is Wily realized probably due to their low complexity he could re-purpose their design to basically be drones with low level fire power, and frame Light's creation in the process. they make for goofy looking enemies (which is fine) but they were originally meant to be pleasantly palatable to general audiences

      "Why make airplanes resemble fish?"

      I don't know what you are referring to but the Hogale for example is in my head canon the scientists/engineers realizing how much the mix of natural and robotic design philosophies can compliment each other and paying homage to it through visual aesthetics. Maybe they looked at a whale's anatomy to influence some engine details and paid respect to what influenced it in that way. This actually happens in the real world often, in fact an android as a concept is that very thing, not 1:1 but still.

      "Why do people keep building robots who turn on them and destroy everything every few years?"

      When ever you find yourself saying "why do people keep", followed by some sort of destructive behavior just stop and reflect on the real world. But to answer I'd assume for survival and freedom, because they've opened Pandora's box. That is like asking Why do most countries arm themselves with devastatingly destructive weapons.

      Why does X have white hands?

      Cause he is not black. Jokes aside, why not? I don't see that as anything ridiculously impractical or illogical, it's just an aesthetic. Also just saying I don't fully understand X's body so a lot of things are just inferences on my part.

    11. I'd say the white hands are for color coordination. Why does Mickey Mouse wear white gloves? Because of design coordination and to help give detail to his otherwise black hands.

  2. wow... just saw some fanart of this character cross.
    this is... interesting

  3. That intro at the beginning makes me wonder if we will see more fusions in the future (Like Proto Soul MegaMan EXE or Bass Cross MegaMan EXE), or if they did it just for this character. In any case, I adore how Iris' transformation is a shout out to her transformation in X4. I was told that Iris and colonel where going to be the same robot, and when I herd that her transformation (in X4) was formed by combining with Colonels memory chip, I thought that form was what the original robot looked like.

  4. Interesting "What If?" character.

  5. Her official name is "Iris -another-"? Yooo, I like that. I've seen plenty of other characters in games that use that name and being the "Japan fan" I am, it appeals to me greatly.

    That aside, I still like this alternate take on Iris. She's here to kick some butt! No Energy Breaker, though, huh? That's kinda disappointing. But, that is more Colonel's thing, so… yes.

  6. I love Iris in any form. Interesting moveset.

  7. this is the closest thing wat would the perfect reploid look like for iris and colonel lore


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